A little more on Land + reminders

Hi everyone! This post is about has a little more on the brand new feature, Poptropica Land, exclusively for Members.

Below is a link to the official Poptropica Land page, which shares the same format of the Island Tours.


Also, a small update has been made on Poptropica’s home page, a little image promoting Land with the phrase: Change the World


Another update you may find is that while playing Poptropica, you may see these bars on either side of your screen, another advertisement for Land:

bar1 bar2

I hope that new materials and biomes will be coming soon!

(To see SD’s review for Land, click here)

On to other news….

There are two things I want to remind you about:

ATP header help us

We need your help! Send in fan art, guess the Countdown prizes, ask questions for our newspaper, help us make decisions, get involved with Adventure Time Pop!


Rapid Records is a brand new page on ATP where you can time yourself to see how long it takes to complete an island! Grab the medallion in the fastest time to get your name on the page!

More info about the page can be found here.

What are your thoughts about the new updated version of Poptropica Lands? Can you beat my record of 9:37 minutes to complete Shark Tooth Island?

Comment below!




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