Poptropica Land Shoutouts!

As we all know, the newest version of Poptropica Lands/Labs has been out for a while now. With that said, the Creators have chosen a select few creations to feature on the Creators’ Blog and on the Poptropica Twitter. The Blog features… (click to enlarge the images)

“A steamship having a close encounter with a submarine,” made by Bony Owl.


“A palatial country estate,” made by Cuddly Cloud.


“An underground labyrinth,” made by Dizzy Popper.


And “a castle fit for royalty,” made by Friendly Singer.


Before these favorites were announced on the blog, a special three creations were shown on Twitter (again, click to enlarge).




The names of the builders were not given, so comment below if you know who made one of these! Although… we do know that the first creation (the treehouse) was made by… Spotted Dragon (me)! 😀

Plus, be on the lookout for HPuterpop’s upcoming video walkthrough of Poptropica Lands, featuring the treehouse. 😉



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