New Looks & ALS Challenge!

Hello everyone! You have probably noticed by now that things look a little different on this blog. We have decided to switch themes to change things up a bit, along with a new background and clever header made by Spotted Dragon. 🙂

A couple things that are different:

The sidebar where we show recent comments, sponsors, and other things, is now on the right side of the blog.

To the left of posts, you will see two circles, the bigger one shows what type of post it is. Sticky posts, like the info for the upcoming 50,000 hits party, show a thumbtack. Regular posts show a piece of paper. Clicking on the little circle with the heart will allow easy access to that post’s comments. (The number in the heart shows how many comments there are) Click to enlarge the images below.

atp header sidebar sticky post

The header, sidebar, and a sticky post

atp regular post

A regular post

On to other news…..

Have you heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Plenty of people around the world are spreading awareness about the ALS disease by dumping a bucket of ice water on their head!

Many celebrities on TV have done it, and now, some famous poptropicans have, too!

Oliver and Jorge, from the popular Poptropica Comics,

Oliver and Jorge bucket

and Zeus from Mythology Island joined in, too!


…he doesn’t look to happy about it, though. XD

dr hare als ice bucket

At least Dr. Hare, from 24 Carrot Island looks happy!

black widow als ice bucket

Black Widow, from Counterfiet Island just looks really cold. 😛

Hopefully, more Poptropicans will help spread awareness!

(One idea that I have, is that the Creators release a free item that lets you hold a water bucket, and then press spacebar (or some other key) to pour it on your head, and then it takes a picture, and you could print it out!)

What do you think of the new looks around the ATP? Which poptropican do you think will accept the challenge next?



13 thoughts on “New Looks & ALS Challenge!

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