TNPT Issue 36 – TMT 36

EDIT: The Creators have announced that PoptropiCon episode 1 (Line Forms Here) will be out for members on Thursday, August 28. That’s next week! 🙂

Greetings Frank the human boy…

TNPT Issue 36 - Page 1 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 2 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 3 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 4 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 5 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 6 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 7 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 8

We hope you liked our latest issue! Feel free to send your work for the Fan Mail and Ask Us articles via the ATP email ( ). You can also request an ad in the newspaper or send in a funny picture for our “Tickle me Times” series (I know the name is cheesy, but that’s the point). 😛 And on that note…

tickle me time 36

Lol, yep. XD That’s basically what I say whenever I can’t explain something.

BTW: The ATP’s 50,000 hits party is tonight at 9pm EST. We hope you can make it! 😉 




5 thoughts on “TNPT Issue 36 – TMT 36

  1. Thanks for answering my question! 🙂 My favorite song by Marceline is “I’m Just Your Problem.” 🙂

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