ALS Challenge & News

*UPDATE* The Poptropica Creators made a new post: along with the first episode of Poptropicon being released for members, Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue will be available to non-members, new features will be released for Poptropica Lands, and the Creators will be releasing their first ever video walk through! (whatever that means)

Hello everyone! The Poptropica Creators released a limited time item card, that allows your poptropican to take on the ice bucket challenge! A while ago, I made a post talking about this ice challenge, and I thought of the idea of an item card, that would let our poptropicans pour a bucket of ice themselves, and after the post, I even contacted the Creators suggesting that item card, and they released it, but sadly, they did not give me any credit for it. 😦

(I apologize for the fuzzy image)


On to other news…. the first episode of Poptropicon Island is released for members tomorrow!




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