Land Creations, Vine Videos, and More

Hey guys! I’m here to bring you a quick Poptropica update. To start off, the Creators wanted to share even more Land creations with us! I expect more to be shown soon (click to enlarge images and to view creation details).

Amazing work! I recently made a Poptropican shaped fountain (Magic Fire’s sculpture reminded me of it), however the creation above is far more detailed.

I also wanted to mention that friendly animals in Poptropica Land are now capable of following you around, even to different screens!

Second off, the Creators have been sharing a lot of fan made Poptropica Vine Videos (via Twitter).

You can view the first one here (Wrecking Ball).

You can view the second one here (Paparazzi).

You can view the third one here (just Survival Island music).

Well, they definitely are creative. 😛

FYI: The Issue of The New Pop Times that was suppose to come out Friday was cancelled. This was due to adjustment from summer to school. The next issue will probably be released on September 19, 2014.


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