A Shout-out, a Train Station, a Derpy Moment, and a Home Sweet Home

Hey everyone! I’m here to bring you a little Poptropica update, mainly from the Creators’ Twitter feed.

First off, Adventure Time Pop got a cool shout-out from the Creators! Nothing too huge, but thanks Creators! It mean a lot! 😀

twitter 1

Next we have another amazing PopLand creation! This one is a train station by Skinny Sponge. (the image is not of high quality, click to enlarge)


There was also another Pop themed vine video up. Click here to watch it. #Derp

To wrap it up, Poptricka has discovered that the Poptropica app will soon have a Store! It seems to be like a “Home base” for you Poptropican. Some Daily Pops and pictures relating to in are included below.

The Bundles Shop from above is basically the store where you can buy various gold cards. The New You shop is basically a barber shop where you can customize your character. The main street looking picture includes a blue box, which is where the logo of the last island you visited will be. We do not know if these options will cost real money or not yet.

That’s all for now! 😉


P.S. Cosmoe, from recent Galactic Hot Dogs ads may be seen on Early Poptropica’s Main Street.



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