Arabian Nights: October 2

As it says in the title, Arabian Nights Island is coming out for members on October 2, which is next Thursday.

It’s starting to look pretty darn cool, huh? If you remember, episode one is called How Bazaar.

After the forty thieves ransack his city, a desperate sultan has one request: find the thieves’ lair, and bring back his most cherished possession!

I also wanted to mention a particular Daily Pop that I recently came across.

land daily pop 1

Hammer Time: We think Poptropica Land is a real trip

Since Poptropica Land has already been released, I was just a bit skeptical of why this “sneak peek” was shown. I could be completely off on this prediction, but I’m hoping another update will come to us in the near future. I really want to learn more about the hammer’s back story (at least that is what I said in the survey). What about you guys?



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