ATPT Issue 2 – Halloween

Hey everyone! You may have heard that we are trying to bring back our magazine. It has only had one issue so far, but you guys seemed to like it. So, we are going to try to post a magazine (ATPT – ATPop Topics) at every major holiday/event, in place of The New Pop Times. This issue, of course, will be Halloween related! 😀

Remember, this is a tabloid, so you may not be able to trust all of the information given. However, the article about Speaking Up towards Bullying is completely true and is to be taken seriously. Click to enlarge the images below. If things are still a bit small for you, try pressing Ctrl while zooming in with the wheel on your mouse.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Adventure Time Pop so far! We are practically at 6,000 hits thanks to you guys! Seriously, your viewing has meant a lot. 🙂

Plus, a page will (hopefully) be put up for the magazine issues.

Anyway, have an awesome and safe Halloween! We hope you enjoyed the ATPop-Topics. 😛



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