The Lair of Thieves is now open for members! (and other news)

Hello poptropicans! The second episode of Arabian Nights, Lair of Thieves, is now available for members!



Also, members, don’t forget to pick up your special prizes:

arab itemshield_itemsword_item

Once you have completed the episode, be sure to check your rank!

If you need help sneaking through the lair, check out the walkthrough video made by Captain Crawfish!

A review for this episode will be coming out soon. 😀

In other news….

With Galactic Hot Dogs Island coming soon, here is a little compilation of sneak peeks hinting towards this tasty new island. XD

ghd_1 ghd_2 ghd_3 ghd_4 ghd_5

Here is a picture tweeted by the Poptropica Creators: (click for clearer image)


Though this character was rejected, it sounds like this underground island may be coming soon…..

sneak peek island underground

Some announcements:

Don’t forget to grab a free Shrink Ray Gun promoting the re-released Shrink Ray Island!

shrink ray 2

I’m going to try to release the third episode of my story soon, I’m sorry for the delay. 😛

Thanks for reading!



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