Game Wizards, Christmas Labels, & Look-A-Likes

Hey guys! Here is that Adventure Time update I mentioned.

To start out, a new app is coming out soon! It is called Adventure Time Game Wizard and in the app… “You’ll get to draw your own Adventure Time games! Once you scan your game design into the app, it’ll transform into a super cool sketchy style.” From a young artist/fan girl’s perspective, this sounds awesome. Check out some concept art below! 😛

One of the villains in the concepts above includes the Doodle Wizard. “He’s a sketchy dude with the power to summon a scribbly army.”

Cartoon Network also has some adventurous things in store for the holidays!

So, to make your holiday experience the best time you’ve ever had, *chuckle* be sure to use these mathematical AT Gift Labels! But to be serious, I really wish I didn’t already have all of my gifts wrapped…

Lastly, Cartoon Network has recognized that their characters sometimes tend to look a like. I decided to include this, since it does include some AT characters. 😉

Haha, cute. :3

Well, that’s it! Be sure to keep a look out for the time and date of our party! 😀



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