MotM Island Released!

I’m happy to say that Mystery of the Map Island is released to member! I played it, and I really loved it. From the way our “footsteps” moved on the map, to the sheer cleverness of it all, I loved it.

One downside was that after I completed it, it wouldn’t show up. So now I have to restart the island and start all over. 😦

Anyway, back to my game!

Trusty Biker

One thought on “MotM Island Released!

  1. Yeah,I just beat the island (Number 286!) and I agree with you. I finished it in roughly 45 minutes. The story is short and dumbed down,the characters are bland,though the design and music were wonderful (though I felt many areas were pretty useless,like the Dodo area,which was there just to provide a challenge to get the lens).

    It wasn’t the ‘Super Easy Mode’ monstrosity that was Galactic Hot Dogs (seriously,after you got the medal,you instantly got removed from the island! At least this wasn’t so linear),but it’s still down there. In fact,the only reason that I finished it late was time zone problems (and the fact that I realized that I hadn’t taken a shower in 3 days).

    I also have a minor gripe with the map,which,by the way,is what the map feature in normal islands should’ve been. Your character walks in the paths on the map in red dots,reminiscent of games like Monkey Island. I hated waiting for Sticky Clown to get from the waterfall to the camp. Of course,that’s just minor. The major one is that there isn’t a bonus quest yet,even though it’s a ‘full’ island. Galactic Wieners Island also suffered from this.

    Also that balancing minigame.Screw that game.

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