Adventure Time at Comic Con: 2015

at and su panel

Hey guys! All the San Diego Comic Con 2015 hype is dying down, so I thought that it was time to post about the Adventure Time panel!

Note that the panel is a mix of Adventure Time and Steven Universe. Also, the entire video is really long so… just be prepared.

Okay, if you didn’t want to watch the entire thing, here are some highlights from the panel! I will also go over additional info I gathered from around the internet. Of course, this excludes the Steven Universe related information.

Other Videos

Before reviewing everything in the panel, I also want to show you another Adventure Time Comic Con interview. This one is way shorter, I promise.

I will talk more about the video in other sections of the post, but right now I want to mention that they said an Adventure Time movie is in early development! 😀

Moving on, if you don’t have to watch the entire panel, here are some short videos of some cool things from it.

That song was Everything Stays, written by Rebecca Sugar, performed by Rebecca and Olivia Olson. It is probably going to be featured in Stakes, performed by Marceline. 🙂

Season 7 Episodes

First off, I found a lot out about upcoming episodes in Season 7! Also, we already knew that the season was starting this fall, but according to the image below, it will specifically start in or at least around October.

at s7 episodes

Image from Wikipedia

You may have noticed that a few clips were skipped in the video above because cameras had to be turned off, but don’t worry! The preview that was shown for the Season 7 premiere can be viewed below. It’s called Bad Jubies and is a stop motion animation!

Finn, Jake, LSP and BMO seek shelter as they contend with some deadly weather.

On that note, here is a behind the scenes video about Adventure Time’s stop motion experience.

at stop motionEven if you don’t usually like stop motion animation, I have to say that this was really well made. 🙂

The 8 part episode Stakes is also mentioned in the panel. Olivia Olson, the voice of Marceline, said that we will learn a lot more about Marceline’s history. Since it’s an 8 part episode, I’d say that when she says “a lot” I think she means… a lot.

Of course 8 parts seems kinda long, right? Well it could have be the rumored miniseries like episodes. Ever since Over the Garden Wall, Cartoon Network seems to be fond of miniseries.

In this multi-part series, Finn and Jake face a new threat to Ooo when Princess Bubblegum’s experiment unleashes ghosts from Marceline’s past.

While still on the subject of Stakes, the following image was recently posted on King of Ooo (AT’s Tumblr).

at stakes maybe

I only think it relates to Stakes because it had no caption, we haven’t seen it before, and Marceline is in it. Also, the synopsis I quoted for the miniseries above may match it. I know that it’s a loose fit, but I don’t have any other conclusion.

president porpoiseOther upcoming episodes include Bonnie & Neddy, Mama Said, President Porpoise is Missing, Angel Face, Football, Varmints, and Cherry Soda Girl. Sadly, not much has been documented about these. If you are completely clueless about these titles, I can tell you this much:

  • Bonnie could refer to either Princess Bubblegum (Bonnibel) or Bonnie, Finn’s daughter in the pillow world (FYI, his son’s name is Jay). However, according to this unfinished wiki article, it says that Princess Bubblegum is a major character in Bonnie & Neddy.
  • cherry cream sodaPresident Porpoise was previously mentioned in the AT universe (see image – upper right). Specifically when Jake was late for a video chat with him. Not much is known about him.
  • Football probably refers to BMO’s alter-ego (reflection), Football.
  • Cherry Soda Girl most likely is Cherry Cream Soda (see image – right), an attorney in the Candy Kingdom and Root Beer Guy’s former wife.
  • Angel Face may refer to Finn’s Guardian Angel or Space Angel Princess. Other than them, nothing comes to mind.

Now, this doesn’t relate to any of the episodes listed above, but Adam Muto, co-executive producer of AT, said that Me-Mow will probably come back in Season 7. 😛

Well, that’s all I got episode wise. 😛


Not that much to put in this category, but I need to share it just the same!

Dr. Marten is collaborating with Adventure Time and creating AT’s very own collection of shoes (specifically boots I think)! Yes, fan made shoes have been made a lot in the past, but these are official!

at comic con shoes

Olivia Olson modeling Marceline shoes

My apologies about the low quality picture, but it’s the best I could get of the Comic Con modeling.

Olivia said that they will be coming out next fall. However, if you search Adventure Time on the official Dr. Marten site, it looks like there are already 3 types available.

Moving on, in the second video I posted, the Adventure Time movie was mentioned. Sadly, not much was said, but here’s what I got. It’s only very early in production, specifically with Warner Bros. It will fit into the plot, while still being appealing to first time AT viewers. So… yeah, that’s it. 😛


Sadly, there isn’t much left to be said on Adventure Time’s Comic Con experience. Although, I thought I could leave you guys with some extra stuff.

at comic con poster

Above is this year’s signing sheet from the convention. Obviously, it was inspired by Stakes, which we talked about earlier.

Talking about signed merch, as you may have seen in the panel video, a few lucky fans scored a few awesome giveaways. The most significant of those being… a signed AT guitar!

at comic con guitar

Sadly, that’s all I got. Comic Con seems kinda quiet for the AT crew this year, at least compared to years past. That’s okay though, because there were plenty other awesome things (that I didn’t see because I didn’t go XD )!

If you read all this through, then… wow… that’s impressive. I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look into AT at SDCC! 😀



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