Timmy Failure for all, Prison Break and labyrinths!

Hey guys, Slip here!

Rapid Reports? Rapid Report! Ready? Go!

Timmy Failure is now out for all! You can finally search for the lost lucky pants! Who’s the culprit? Where’s the pants? Find it out now on Poptropica! The Creators also made their Twitter page Timmy Failure themed a few days ago and gave out cool promo codes (which are now expired). The codes were…


Timmy Failure Wallpaper

Rapid report #2! Announcing the next island… not yet. XD

Hputerpop recently discovered the name of the next Poptropica island— it’s Prison Break Island! It’s pretty obvious, but I’m curious how our player will get apprehended. 😕 It looks like it’s a good island and I’m really excited!


Rapid Report #3! Captain Crawfish uploaded a brand new Remarkable Realms video! It features Smart Bones’ labyrinth and Captain Crawfish’s journey inside! He looks like he had so much fun and he really feels what we feel. XD Watch it below. 🙂

That’s all of the news that you need to know—in a really fast manner. What do you think of the updates? Make sure to leave a comment! Here’s my random gif of the day! 🙂



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