AT Season 7 – Premiere and Stakes Recap!

Hey guys! A lot of exciting Adventure Time episodes have been airing recently, including the mini-series Stakes. Here is a recap highlighting the new episodes: (warning – there are some spoilers!)


We start Season 7 off with Bonnie and Neddy, where we are introduced to Bubblegum’s brother, a candy dragon named Neddy.



The next episode, Varmints, explains that the King of Ooo is now the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, with Princess Bubblegum self-proclaiming her exile from the castle to a cabin.


In the third episode, after Root Beer Guy is struck by lightning, Cherry Cream Soda has to choose between RBGuy (who has come back to life), or her new fiance, Starchy.


Canyon, Billy’s ex-girlfriend, is back in this episode, where the King of Ooo orders Finn and Jake to retrieve a giant flying mushroom.


BMO’s friend Football returns in the last episode from the first week of premieres.

On to Stakes! Featuring a new title sequence, awesome themed title cards, and beautiful songs, this week-long marathon dug deep into Marceline’s past, and her connections with the people around her.

I really loved this series and I definitely recommend it. If you missed it on TV- there will be a special DVD released in January that will have all of the Stakes episodes on it!


If you saw Stakes, what did you think of it? What was your favorite episode? Comment below!

The episode images are all from the Adventure Time Wiki, so stop over there for more info! 🙂

Thanks for reading!




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