ATP Art Contest Ends Today!!!

Just a quick notification for those of you that may have forgot: The ATP’s Art Contest ends today!

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Read the announcement post for more info.

If you haven’t submitted your entry yet, there is still time! We will be accepting work until midnight tonight (1/18/16). Of course that time is lenient since time zones may vary.

Still, enter quickly! Spread the word! And good luck to all participants! 🙂


P.S. This is my 500th post on the ATP… we have come so far thanks to you guys!


13 thoughts on “ATP Art Contest Ends Today!!!

    • I can’t 😥
      I need to come up with a design, sketch it on paper, color that for reference, draw it on my drawing tablet, color that, detail that, and convert it to a JPEG or PNG.
      Very very very tedious. It’ll take about 3 days, not to mention that I’m grounded from using my drawing tablet until Friday. Ugh!!!
      I should be the one apologizing! I’m really really extremely sorry!
      I really wanted to draw something for you, too. I kinda look up to you and respect you. Especially since you’re like my age and are an author on the PHB, you deserve something great. I’ll send something in to you soon though, as a gift 🙂

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