This Site Is No Longer Running

If it’s not obvious enough, this post will confirm any suspicions. Adventure Time Pop will no longer be active (not like it has been recently anyway). However, we have decided to leave it here so authors and fans alike can come back and reminisce on old memories and such. It would be extremely difficult to hit that delete button.

Please note that no more posts will be made! I will make edits to some pages and features on this site to remind viewers that any information you find here is not current. Any comments made from this point on will most likely not be answered, as we won’t be checking up on things. Obviously, this means that we also will not constantly be censoring inappropriate comments, so read at your own risk.

I apologize to everyone that this is happening. It has been quite an adventure, one that I don’t regret and will never forget, but every bubble eventually pops. Puns intended. Please know that this does not mean that I, nor any other authors, will be completely leaving the community! I have been making this decision with the help of some friends for a very long time now. Like many people, I feel like every year gets more and more busy for me. School, future, social life, etc. can put lots of stress on anyone. This stress, along with growing disinterest, drives people away from the community. That is not completely the case here, even though it is hard to find time to update things.

Personally, I will still be posting on the PHB and possibly guest posting now and again on the PTFP for the time being. Hopefully, cutting down on tasks will make for better writing. I am also focusing more on my art. I’m going to try to improve my part in the DeviantArt community as a result of this goal. You will still be able to contact me, as I sometimes visit Discord too. As for the rest of the ATP authors, I am not one to speak for them.

Know that our site email will no longer be functional and if you see things missing from the site, they have been deleted. Yes, part of me wants to just disconnect from the ATP. I should no longer be the face of it, since I am dropping responsibility. I don’t want anyone to think I just don’t want to be associated with this place anymore, because it truly was a great experience. That being said, I do need to think about the future.

Some of you might be shocked, some of you might be heart-broken, some of you might not care, and most of you are probably like “how long is this post?!?”. Believe me, it has been difficult finding these words and every single one of them has been chosen carefully. Whether you’re reading this hours after it’s posted or years after it’s posted, I appreciate you reading this. Again, I am sorry. I never wanted to write this post, but I knew the time would eventually come.

Life changes, so remember that everything you’re reading is only completely accurate at the time this was written! Who knows? I might delete everything in a few years.

And for the last time…

~SD  ❤


5 thoughts on “This Site Is No Longer Running

  1. As someone who’s been here since the blog’s foundation,it saddens me to see it finally,officially,inactive…permanently. But I guess I understand,SD (or SC…hey,we share the same initials!),since high school can be difficult except for 9,10,and 12 sometimes. I’ll miss this blog!


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