This site used to be run by Spotted Dragon and other valued authors.

Previous ATP Team Members

  • Dr. Magic Onion – Author
  • Sleepy Feather – Author
  • HPuterpop – Author
  • Samwow5 – Author
  • Trusty Biker – Author
  • Slippery Raptor – Author
  • Brave Sky – Author
  • Fruitbat7777 – Editor
  • Silver Wolf – Editor
  • Spotted Dragon – Admin

78 thoughts on “Authors

  1. Hey SD! I know you probably don’t need any editors right now, but could you consider hiring me? I have my own blog called Poptropica Inside and Out, and I work on Poptropica Voice, Poptropia Tips for Poptropicans, and I used to work on Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog before I left…
    Just keep me in mind, please πŸ˜€

  2. Um, sorry for asking, but are you looking for any authors at the moment? Because you seem quite short on authors as of now. πŸ™‚ P.S. I love Adventure Time ❀

  3. I know you’re probably just busy, just thought a friendly reminder could help πŸ˜› This should be updated because HP isn’t an Author anymore πŸ˜‰

    Um, I know I ask a lot, but it’s been a while, so I was wondering if you are looking into any new Authors yet?

    PS: I have a new favorite episode of Adventure Time ❀

    • Thanks for reminding me!

      I know that we are short on authors at the moment, but with the CDO10 Part 2 and all the updates going on lately, I just don’t have time to hire any more authors at the moment. Hopefully you understand, sorry.

      What’s your favorite episode? πŸ™‚

  4. Hello, spotted dragon! I watched you on the live stream in PHB a few days ago. I hope you are not sick now. Also wanted to ask, how old are you?

    • Thanks for watching the livestream (hope you enjoyed) and checking out my site! πŸ˜€ Sadly, I’m still a bit under the weather. And I don’t feel comfortably telling people my age across the internet, sorry.

  5. Hey SD
    A while ago, you mentioned wanting to know where your Gravatar outfit came from. Here’s what I found:

    -The hair comes from the Vampire Girl 3
    -The bangs come from Goth boy on Reality TV
    -The jacket is from the Electric Company ad
    -The shirt is on Annie in Red Dragon and a scientist in Lunar Colony
    -The pants and belt are on the first girl you see in Red Dragon.

  6. Dear Spotted Dragon: Thanks for helping out with my blog πŸ˜€ Your really nice, friendly and can to talk easily πŸ™‚ And.. Pinch and a punch for the firat day of the month! Wait.. Is it xD Well, btw thanks for helping us πŸ™‚

    Yours sincerely
    Alfie From iSplazo from WordPress From Alfie From isplazo from wordpress
    And you know lol xD im out!

    • Your welcome! iSplazo is a lot of fun! πŸ™‚ I love how it has Poptropica, Adventure Time, & Minecraft!
      I don’t understand what you mean by “Pinch and a punch for the firat day of the month!” though. πŸ˜•

  7. Can I Join I Am A Fast,Quick Poster And Will Never Forget this blog please i would love to
    because every viewer from my blog will come over here but thats if you think i am good blogger please

  8. Can I be a Poptropica Author? I really want to do guides. I have not completed many islands, but I wish to change that. I work on
    Also, I am very shy, and I hope you hire me! πŸ˜€

    Spotted Dragon: Possibly in the future, but we are good for now, because we don’t have many viewers. Sorry 😦 But you are always welcome to send me island guides! If you do all the credit goes to you too. πŸ˜‰

  9. Hello, and I would like to be an editor on your blog for Poptropica. I have lots of ideas for new pages and posts. I’m also really good at grammar and punctuation. I also have some island guides I would like to share. I love blogging, Poptropica, and Adventure Time. My website is: If you have any other questions, just ask. Thank you for your time. πŸ™‚ ~SW/IG

    Spotted Dragon: I’ll think about it and e-mail you. Just to confirm, you don’t want to be an author, just an editor right?

    • I would enjoy being an author on your site.

      I, Dr Magic Onion, Poptropicatologist, hereby decree that I wish ti be an author on your web blog. I have been playing Poptorpica since January 2012, for a good year now. I have my very own blog, Poptropica for Dummies. I think you even work for me, Spotted Dragon.

      Spotted Dragon: Tell me what type of author you want to be, then I’ll think about it and e-mail you my decision. πŸ˜‰

    • I’d like to be editor, but I’m fine with author. Nothing lower, though, or YOUR FIRED!

      Just Joking!

    • Also say if you want to be an editor for Poptropica or Adventure Time, Author for Poptropica or Adventure Time, or something else (Like ONLY an island walkthrough maker)

    • Like?

      Spotted Dragon: Like how many islands you’ve completed, how long you’ve been playing Poptropica, or if you wanted to be an Adventure Time editor, how many episodes you’ve seen and stuff. I would also like having some references (people who say good stuff about you). The rest I can look on your Gravatar profile, if you have one. But, so my viewers don’t get any important information about you, I would like it if we could continue this conversation via email.

    • I’m not allowed to email people who I barely know,so here is all the not-so important info about me:I have finished 31 islands,I am a non-member,I don’t watch AT even though I have it on my USB,I have found a few glitches that few people know and I will update my Gravatar profile for more.As for the references,I think Slanted Fish (Part of my version of the Zomberry Island (demo) guide was used on the PHB’s guide,and maybe Dr.Magic Onion (I gave him an idea for his first poll).

      Spotted Dragon: Sorry. I probably won’t hire you at the moment, because then all my viewers would be apart of the ATP and we wouldn’t have any real viewers. 😦

    • Could I be an Author? I don’t peticularly mind positions that much… I have good grammar, plenty of references. I do know more about Poptropica, than Adventure Time, but I’m starting to watch AT more now that it is on Netflix.

      I’d love to be an Author so I can help out more, and get to learn even more about AT while doing what I love (Blogging). I post often and I can make miniature logos. And I can make Island Guides pretty quickly.

      Please let me know, ~~Nameless

      P.S. I’m a follower of the official Cartoon Network Blog, and I also watch Cartoon Network nearly everyday. I play Poptropica everyday, and I can help with Advertisements.

    • Well, I was considering FB just because he helps out with TNPT, I talk to him a lot, he has amazing detail, etc. But I’m not specifically looking for someone. His writing just caught my eye. I know, it’s kinda confusing, sorry.

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