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ATP page creative creators

Note: The ATP authors are not AT or Pop Creators.

Ever wonder what the Creators of Adventure Time and Poptropica actually do? Behold the creativity from each Creator!

Please remember that these may not be up to date and not every creator is listed.

Adventure Time Creators

The Adventure Time Creators are the people who created every character, every show, and everything about Adventure Time. The channel AT is on (Cartoon Network) has it’s own CN Website, CN Blog and CN YouTube Channel. However there are way to many creators and voice actors to list, so we’ll list some of the main people/people we think are fairly significant. Here is everything important we know about them! (Note: Some links go to Adventure Time Wiki. The AT Wiki People are NOT Creators!)

Click here for basically everyone on the AT staff!

Hynden WalchAT Creators - Hynden Walch

Jeremy ShadaAT Creators - Jeremy Shada

  • Job: Voice Actor, Singer
  • Voice Acting: Finn, Gumball Guardian, A Businessman, the Squirrel (From The Duke.), Bagel, Comic Owl (Only in one episode), Gorflax, Princess Beautiful, Cyclops
  • Other Stuff: Plays himself in Incredible Crew, Played Porridge in Chowder
  • Contact: Jeremy’s YouTube Channel, Jeremy’s Facebook, Jeremy’s Twitter (Click here for a whole page on Jeremy!)

John DiMaggioAT Creators - John DiMaggio

Natasha AllegriAT Creators - Natasha Allegri

  • Job: Storyboard Revisionist (Character Designer in the past)
  • Voice Acting: None (Designed gender swapped characters though)
  • Other Stuff: Creator (Founder) of Bee & PuppyCat on Frederator (Cartoon Hangover)
  • Contact: Natasha’s Twitter (Click here for a whole page on Natasha!)

Niki YangAT Creators - Niki Yang

  • Job: Voice Actress, Storyboard Artist
  • Voice Acting: Lady Rainicorn, BMO, Nymph, Lollipop Girl
  • Other Stuff: Plays Candy in Gravity Falls, more
  • Contact: Niki’s Blog, Niki’s Facebook (Click here for a whole page on Niki!)

Olivia OlsonAT Creators - Olivia Olson

Pendleton WardAT Creators - Pendleton Ward

Tom KennyAT Creators - Tom Kenny

  • Job: Voice Actor
  • Voice Acting: Ice King, Lumpy Space King, Bufo, Magic Man, Brad, Two Headed Cutie (With Pen), Starchy, the Balloons, Flambo, the Marshmallow Kids, Brain Wiz, Gunter, Gob, Doctor Prince, Tiny Manticore, Old Man Henchman, Eberhardt
  • Other Stuff: Plays SpongeBob in SpongeBob SquarePants, Plays Patchy the Pirate in SpongeBob SquarePants, Played Cupid in Fairly Oddparents, more
  • Contact: Tom’s YouTube Channel, Tom’s Facebook, Possible Email: (Click here for a whole page on Tom!)

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