Picture Perfect

ATP page picture perfect

Picture Perfect is a game where I post a picture that has been taken somewhere in Poptropica. Then you, in the comments guess what island the picture was taken from! Remember that common rooms and mini quests also count. Please put the picture number in your comment when answering (Ex. Pic 1 – Nabooti Island).

The first person who guesses correctly will be added to the Previous Pics page. After 5 incorrect guesses, a hint will be given. Be sure to check back often! Also, on every 10th pic, Fruitbat7777 will be finding the picture and every 5th pic, Slippery Raptor will be finding the picture, not me (Spotted Dragon). 😉

Good luck and have fun! 😀

Perfect Picture #75

Picture by Slippery Raptor

picture perfect pic 75

HINT: Home is where you hang your hat… but why where a hat in the first place when you just got your hair done?


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