Fall Fashion and New App-dates!

Hello everyone!

There is a new Fall Fashion Outfit available in the Poptropica Store for 75 credits!


boy_fall girl_fall

The costume is the same for both guys and girls, which in my opinion, is cool! It’s nice not having the drastic difference of looks between different genders. 😛


Aw yiss.

In other news, if you have the Poptropica App on your Kindle device, you can play the newest adventure- Timmy Failure Island (for free), check out a new Fall Fashion Pack in the shop, and you can import your poptropican look from online!


These features will soon be available on iOS and Google Play devices. 😉

Last but not least, it looks like the Poptropica Creators are up to something….

Their most recent post is again talking about the new photo booth, but this time, they included something more: “It might not be a bad idea to start practicing your Halloween photos in the Photo Booth. But perhaps we’ve said too much… for now”. Could this be hinting towards some sort of photo contest?

Comment below on your thoughts!

Thanks for reading 🙂


ice king peace


Shaun the Sheep Ad

Hey guys! A new ad has popped up around Poptropica for the Shaun The Sheep Movie. I found it on Mystery of the Map Island, but it can be found elsewhere too.


Inside, it’s a huge common room where you can interact with different sheep, and get prizes and costumes!

If you equip the Woolly Blow and press spacebar by another Poptropican, you give them a new haircut!


If you use the Sheep Belch, you do exactly that. 😛


What do you think of these prizes? Comment below!


Timmy Failure Sneak Peeks and New Updates!

Hello everyone! I apologize for my inactivity, but I’m back now, and hopefully will be around the blog for the rest of the summer. 😉

Given all of the sneak peeks recently, it looks like Timmy Failure Island will be the next adventure on Poptropica. Based on the popular book series Stephan Pastis, that’s really all we know about the upcoming island. Maybe these pictures can help come up with some sort of theory?

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PoptropiCon 3: Now for members! (& MOTM)

Hello Poptropicans! The third episode of PoptropiCon: Reign of Omegon, is now available for members! (It is planned to be released to all April 19th.)


If you need help defeating Omegon, check out the Creator’s walkthrough.

Once you complete the episode, make sure to check your rank at the Player Map. 😉

Along with the new episode, the Creators have also released some PoptropiCon extras, including bingo sheets, and a henchbot paper craft!

In other news, here are the most recent comic pages of the on-going Poptropica comic book, Mystery of the Map.

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Poptropica Realms & Arabian 1 for app!

Hello poptropicans! To start off 2015, the Creators have officially announced (though SD had her suspicions earlier) that the next update of Poptropica Land is coming soon (early 2015): Poptropica Realms! There is a quick 15 second trailer found on the updated info page. Looking more into the page, it looks like this upcoming feature will be for everyone, but members have access to more realms, they can share their realms with the Creators, and get special props and decorations.

In other news, the Creators also released the episode of Arabian Nights: How Bazaar to iOS devices! (click image for Creator’s post)


Thanks for reading!


The Lair of Thieves is now open for members! (and other news)

Hello poptropicans! The second episode of Arabian Nights, Lair of Thieves, is now available for members!



Also, members, don’t forget to pick up your special prizes:

arab itemshield_itemsword_item

Once you have completed the episode, be sure to check your rank!

If you need help sneaking through the lair, check out the walkthrough video made by Captain Crawfish!

A review for this episode will be coming out soon. 😀

In other news….

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Beyond the Forest – Episode 2

Good morning, everyone! Here is the second episode of my continuing fan-fiction of Poptropica, starring characters from different islands (each episode will have at least one “link” to another island, so try to figure them out as the episodes are released!). If you haven’t already, be sure to read episode 1 before this one. Also, check out other strange stories here!


The bear groaned before falling to the ground. The man chuckled to himself, the end of his gun still smoking. With all of his energy, he dumped the creature onto his green camo helicopter. Turning the key, the engine rumbled, and the man headed back to his home.


Entering the keycode, the man stepped back into the mansion. The aroma of beef stew filled the air.

“Welcome back, Myron.” A woman’s voice said. She was facing away from him, preparing a meal. She turned around and smiled at him, stained cleaver in hand. Her hair and face were full with grease and oil.

“Thank you, Edith.” he replied. “Where’s the little bugger?”

“I think I saw him in the trophy room again.” Edith winked.


Myron heard a little voice yell, “Blam!” before he opened the room. There his son was, plastic gun in hand, pretending to hunt down an elephant. Myron chuckled. He was so proud of his boy. When he adopted him 3 years ago, just at the age of 5, he loved caring for him. He tapped his son’s shoulder.

“I’ve got a surprise for ya, Jon.”


Max needed to find his plane. He knew it was around the forest somewhere. Thinking back to where he was when the crash happened, he remembered that old order he had of all those lemons. Something about making smoothies for a town called Easton, or something like that. Then, the call was suddenly canceled. Max still didn’t know why. But, that didn’t matter now. What mattered is that he still had lemons, at least some food for him to eat. He just needed to find them.


Myron opened the hatch, and the bear’s body came tumbling out. Jon’s eyes light up.

“A bear!” he exclaimed. “I know just where to put it.”

After it was taxidermied, Jon and Myron dragged the new addition to the front hall.

“You’ve finally caught the most dangerous creature, dad!” Jon said.

“Not quite yet, boy. There’s still… something else… I need to hunt.”

Jon gleamed. “I know you’ll be able to catch it.”

Myron smiled grimly. “Anything for you, son.”


Thanks for reading! Episode 3 will be released next Sunday, December 14th. 🙂


Poptropica: Beyond the Forest (Episode 1)

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start something new- writing a fan-fiction about Poptropica. 😛

Enjoy, and give me feedback in the comments!

*Note: There will be plenty of references to other islands throughout the story, that give connections to characters and stuff. See if you can figure them out!

_    _    _    _    _

Max’s eyes glanced from the sky ahead to the picture frame by the controls. The portrait showed his beloved granddaughter, CJ smiling brightly to the camera. Max’s eyes watered a little, and he cleared his throat, driving his attention back into focus.


He was delivering cargo to Giza, Egypt. Got a call about some need of supplies- shovels, pickaxes. Something about a jewel. It wasn’t Max’s deal to snoop with other people’s business. As long as he got the pay. Call, fly, pay. That’s how it worked now. Max didn’t like it, but it worked.


Checking the control panel, it looked like it would be a while before Max got anywhere. He sighed, pressing the auto-pilot button. He was about to drift off to sleep, when a deafening boom rang through the air. Max jumped, his hands accidently knocking one of the main switches. The engines began to slow down, and Max could see the storm up ahead, with threads of gold lightning. This was bad.

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