Mock the Halls with Videos of Holly… Tis the Season for 30,000 Hits…

Mocktropica is coming out today! Woo! It should be out really soon, or, like right now. They home page has been changed, so it should be any minute! The Poptropica logo now glitches up. 😀

poptropica mocktropica homepage

Oh and the final Members Only Item is out! It’s a… um… *cough* Narf Follower.


It’s either really random to go with the glitchy island or it relates to the island plot somehow. We’ll have to play to find out. 😉

But that’s not all that’s going on today. Poptropica now has a video that’s basically an intro to the awesome game.

What is Poptropica?

Of course you know what Poptropica is. You’re smart, well-informed, and (did we mention?) a snappy dresser. But not everyone has the inside scoop the way you do. Maybe you’ve tried to explain Poptropica to a teacher or a parent or a friend, and you just weren’t sure how to do it.

That’s why we created the video above. In only a minute and a half, it explains everything that’s great about Poptropica. So the next time you’re at a loss for how to tell someone about us, you can just show them this video!

avatar image

Pretty cool, right? I think it’s awesome and fits Poptropica’s updated style. Oh! And in the video you can see the username monstercarniv. It’s right around the 1:10 area.:P

Now, for the amazing part of this post… we have reached over 30,000 hits!!! And you know what that means! I’m giving out a special prize! It’s not much, but I appreciate all of our viewers, so I hope everyone likes it. You guys are awesome. 🙂

ATP wallpaper 6

Yep, the ATP’s 6th wallpaper! It includes a ton of Poptropica & Adventure Time characters. Do you see me? What about Fishy, from the well known PHB? …See the snail? Anyway, I hope you like it even though it’s not much. But, Christmas is coming up… I wonder… 😛

That’s all for know I guess. Happy Holidays!


New Icon, New Pages, New Numbers!

Lets start off with the new numbers. *clears throat* We are over 2,000 hits!!! *squee!* Thanks to all of you! The exact number: 2,008 hits! See for yourself: adventure time pop hits 2,008Talking about numbers, don’t forget to make a costume for our contest! It’s ending Feb. 10 and only 1 person has tried! Remember if you come in first and don’t want to be an author, you don’t have to, just tell me! 😉 But I’m still deciding what we will do if that 1 person wins by default.

Oh and another thing about numbers! I have been notified that the ATP has gotten 50 likes! 52 to be exact! 😉 Thanks to you all again! adventure time pop likes 50

Anyway, have you seen our new icon? It’s on the sidebar if you want to see it up close! And if your too lazy, here it is. 😉  ATP icon

And now for the new pages! All of you have probably seen the Pop Transport page, but I have something even newer! *drum roll* And I’m not telling you what it is yet! :mrgreen: I am making a new page with a lot of other pages under that page. Can you guess what they are? Hopefully they will be done soon, so check back for more updates! 😀

Well, my shift is over!


Almost there!!!

OK, well if you look to the right, it says, that this website has… dah dah dah dah dah… 905 hits! Lets reach 1,000! Try to invite all of your friends to this blog. Lets reach that goal! I’d like to say thanks to all of our fans that come to this blog. That means a lot to the whole crew!

Over 500 hits!

Yay! Even though the hits came mostly from myself, Dr. Magic Onion, Silver Wolf, and Sticky Clown, 500 hits is still a big accomplishment! I want to thank everyone who visits Adventure Time Pop a lot and even people who don’t visit THAT often. The exact number currently is 595 hits. See for yourself!adventure time pop hits 500

Anyway I, Spotted Dragon am going to start something new! Ever month I will pick a Poptropican/Adventurer of the month! I pick from viewers and authors who constantly visit Adventure Time Pop, who love Poptropica/Adventure Time, and are nice to people in the comments. I will not pick myself, however, if an author has a birthday in the month we are in, I will pick them, just because of their birthday and that includes myself. My birthday is this Sunday (Jan. 13), so I’m technically the Poptropican/Adventurer of January. If you do not include me then this will start in February. Good Luck to all! 😉


100 HITS!

YAY!!! Adventure Time Pop has over 100 hits! 😀 120 to be exact!

I want to thank everyone who helped us get to that number! Even if only like 2 people actually seem to comment, besides me. Hopefully we’ll have a lot more soon. :mrgreen: