PAM (March & April)

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Just… whoa… I know. But, you guys know I’ve been trying to update things around here, so… Here are your Poptropicans and Adventurers of the Months ofΒ March and April! For March and April, a poll was set up. Sadly, we forgot to post about those months andΒ May and June.

The March 2014 Poptropican is…

Spotted Dragon!

If you don’t realize already, that’s me. XD Thanks everyone! I’m glad you like my posts and comments around the blogging community!

The March 2014 Adventurer is…

Spotted Dragon!

Again I guess! I promise you that I don’t rig these things. And remember, you CAN vote for someone that isn’t an ATP author. πŸ˜‰

The April 2014 Poptropican is…


Congrats! FB is an awesome author and is great at coming up with theories. We are totally lucky to have him on the team! πŸ™‚

The April 2014 Adventurer is…


Congrats! HP really dives into all the behind the scenes scoops when writing his posts. Having him on the team was a blast. πŸ˜›

Congrats to our winners! πŸ˜€

IΒ leave you with this question: Should we continue PAM? Many of the same people are getting chosen month after month. Plus, we are always forgetting to post results (With no reminders from viewers, therefore it doesn’t seem to be that popular). I am most likely going to discontinue this series, but I want your opinion. If a lot of people want the series to go on, I will post some polls soon. If you aren’t really a big fan of the series, that’s fine. Don’t feel bad or anything.


PAM Update!

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. PAM needs to be updated. Well, a while ago I put up a poll for the January and February 2014 winners. Here are the results!

January 2014 Poptropican of the Month…


HP is great at making creative posts and predictions. He is also a great artist and awesome at finding behind the scenes information. Congrats HPuterpop!

January 2014 Adventurer of the Month…


Sam is also great at posting and very well known in the Poptropica world. He has guest starred on many of HP’s live streams and awesome at parties. Congrats Samwow5! πŸ˜‰

However, I do want to say something. Authors! Please become more active!


Anyway, other nominees included FruitBat7777, Nameless Undefined, myself, and more. Thanks for voting everyone!

February 2014 Poptropican of the Month…


Like I said before, HP was kinda born to post and draw. Congrats again! XD

February 2014 Adventurer of the Month…

Spotted Dragon!!!

I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to be chosen. Since I used to not be a part of PAM, this is kinda new. πŸ˜› Β It’s my first PAM award and I want to thank everyone for following the ATP and liking my posts. You guys are the best! πŸ˜€

Other nominees included FruitBat7777, Samwow5, Nameless Undefined, and more! Thanks for voting everyone! πŸ™‚

Okay, it’s time again. We need to vote for PAM winners of March and April (Sorry that I remember every two months it seems πŸ˜› ).

To have a better idea of who to vote for, please look back at posts and comments of that particular month. Click here for March posts and click here for April posts. Don’t forget to look at comments! You can vote for people that aren’t authors!

Please vote wisely, fairly, and do not vote for yourself. πŸ˜‰

Good luck everyone!


PAM – January & February

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I know. I said I was going to set up a message box, like the PTFP, so you guys could chose the winners for PAM. I’m just a huge procrastinator. My father wants to make the ATP email easier for me to use and he has work all the time, so it’s been taking longer than I’ve hoped. Thanks for being patient. However, I still want you guys to chose our winners, so I’m just gonna set up a poll. Don’t worry, no one will be able to see your answers except for me. πŸ˜›

Now, you might be like “Why are FB, HP, and Sam listed, but for other people we have to type in their name???” Well, it’s a poll, so I felt weird just putting an “Other” option. I figured I could put them as main choices, just because they’re authors and you might want to chose them for their posts. πŸ˜‰

If you’re having trouble deciding, take a look into the past. Find all the January posts by clicking here and all the February posts by clicking here.

Anyway, please cast your vote soon! I need to announce the winners before March PAM comes around!


Winter Winners – PAM

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I know, I know, I forgot to post this in December. You guys have to remind me. πŸ˜› Anyway, it’s here now. The Poptropican and Adventurer of December!

The Poptropican is…

Super Nicey!

Super Nicey (White Paw) deserves this because she’s… super nice! She started to view the ATP and I’m enjoying her comments. She has been an awesome contribution to the ATP world.

The Adventurer is…


Ever since HPuterpop joined the ATP team, things have gotten a lot more colorful. His art, along with his predictions and findings have been really cool. HP is a nice guy who tries to help out all he can, so he totally deserves this award.


Congrats you two!!! πŸ˜€

Now, since I always forget to update PAM and since I always chose the winners, I thought it was time to move to a better approach of these awards. I’m going to set up a special message box on our PAM page every month and you guys can vote for who you want to be the Poptropican and Adventurer of the upcoming month! Don’t worry, no one will be able to see the scores. So keep a lookout so you can vote for January! πŸ™‚


PAM – October & November

ATP icon monthly importance

Okay! This is a bit late, sorry about that. If I ever forget this stuff, please remind me! Anyway, the Poptropican for October is…

Silver Wolf!

If you remember, SW helped me with the ATP’s first magazine in October and she has been an author for a very long time. She has helped me a lot over what has almost been a year and I’m very thankful.You’re awesome Wolfy!


The adventurer of October is…


Sam, or Tough Icicle is another ATP author. He has also helped me a lot, we collaborate often, and all in all he’s a nice guy to blog with. He’s let me used his Xat in the past too. You’re awesome Sam!


Congrats to our October winners! They deserve it! πŸ˜€

Now for November! The Poptropican is…

Tough Spider!

TS has started to view the ATP more and more and he’s a nice guy. He let me interview him on The Spotted Show, he helps Fearless Fox write the amazing Poptropica Universe story, and even though he can’t come to our upcoming party, he really puts his best into everything he does. You’re awesome TS!


The adventurer is…

Sleepy Feather!

Even though SF is no longer an author and not as active as she used to be, she is still pretty cool. She made all of our Percy Jackson costumes, started off our Brave costumes, and more. Hopefully she will continue with her great story, The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather. You’re awesome Sleepy!


Congrats to our November winners! They deserve it! πŸ˜€

The PAM page will be updated soon. And don’t forget our upcoming party! I hope you can come! πŸ˜‰


September Awesomeness!

Okay, this is very late, but whatever. PAM of September is finally here! (Remind me when I forget to do this stuff πŸ˜› ) Anyway, let’s just get right to it then!

The Poptropican of the Month is…

Nameless UnDEFiNed! Congrats!!! πŸ˜€

She deserves this because of how much she tries to give. She always offers to help out, even if we don’t need the help and that is awesomely kind. Of course she has done a lot of other stuff that makes her worthy of being the PM, but that was the main reason. To get to know Nameless better, visit her blog; Poptropican Awesomeness. πŸ™‚

The Adventurer of the Month is…

Silver Wolf! Congrats!!! πŸ˜€

She deserves this because of an awesome idea of hers that is coming up soon. SW didn’t really earn this for any AT reason, but I couldn’t pick an actual Adventurer that really stood out. However her big idea wasn’t exactly Poptropica related either, so… whatever. Just believe me when I say she truly should get to be the AM.Β  To get to know Silver better, visit her blog; Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans. (I just realized that it’s AM & PM. Get it? XD ) πŸ™‚

Congratulations to our 2 winners! And I’m sorry to everyone who didn’t get the award. Oh! By the way! Here’s a little sneak peek of Wolfy’s cool idea…



August – PAM

PAM is here again! (Poptropican/Adventurer of the Month!) If you didn’t notice already, we have a PAM Page now. Anyway, let’s just get right to the point.

The Poptropican of the Month is…

Nameless UNdefiNEd! Congrats! πŸ˜€

Nameless deserves this award because of how much effort she puts into Poptropica. She has tried to start a lot of Poptropica Blogs, she has made written and video island guides, and so much more. Plus, she has been wanting to be an ATP author for a long time, yet she doesn’t bug me about it at all. Nameless also hasn’t complained that she hasn’t gotten this award before, even though she always tries for it. Now that’s great sportsmanship. πŸ™‚ Good job Nameless!

The Adventurer of the Month is…

Tough Spider! Congrats! πŸ˜€

TS didn’t get this award for an Adventure Time reason, but he still deserves it!Β  He has been expanding his blog viewing, which I thought was good, he has shown some logical theories/opinions, and he was kind enough to help me with something coming very soon to the ATP. I’m sure TS has done more good stuff, but like Nameless, I can’t list them all. πŸ™‚ Good job Tough Spider!

Well, I think that’s it for now! Like I said, something that TS helped me with is coming really soon! Maybe you could guess what it is, if you can piece together some stuff I’ve already shown you. πŸ˜‰


July Pop Adventurers

I am glad to announce the Poptropican and Adventurer of July!

The Poptropican is… Sleepy Feather!

Sleepy Feather definitely deserves this. Even though she has been on a really long trip, she has tried her best to stay in touch with us. SF has been working on her own Poptropica story as well, which shows enthusiasm. Good job and congrats Sleepy Feather! πŸ˜€

The Adventurer is… fruitbat7777

FB7 (For short) definitely deserves this. He is the only person who actually has had big Adventure Time discussions and that is awesome. I wish we had more big AT fans around here. Good job and congrats fruitbat7777. πŸ˜€

To everyone who wasn’t picked, I am sorry. I randomly pick 2 people who have been showing a lot of enthusiasm, helping, creating interesting theories, etc. I do not look to see who hasn’t been chosen yet.

Also, HPuterpop was kind enough to make the ATP a Poptropican/Adventurer of the Month Icon! Thanks HP!!! πŸ™‚

ATP icon monthly importance

Hopefully we will have a page up for the PAM (Poptropica/Adventurer of the Month) soon, however I have been busy and I’m leaving for a week long trip soon. Anyway, congrats to our winners!


Joys of June

By Joys I mean… the Adventurer and Poptropican of the month! Yep, I remembered this time! πŸ˜€

If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s where I, Spotted Dragon, choose 2 people (an ATP contributor (author, commenter, ect.)) and feature them in a post!

The Poptropican of the Month is…

fruitbat7777! Congrats!

fruitbat7777 earned this award because he has commented a lot, shown his opinion, and tried to help out in general. Congrats fruitbat7777! :mrgreen:

The Adventurer of the month is…

HPuterpop! Congrats!

HPuterpop earned this award because of his creativity. Even though he has rarely commented and shown little activity, he made the ATP’s first piece of Fan Art!

The Fan Art was submitted along with a request for it to become the ATP’s newΒ  icon. I liked the icon, but I had to decline because everything is already made with our current icon. Still, thank you HPuterpop and congrats! :mrgreen:

Here is his icon, I think it’s pretty awesome:

Fan Art - ATP - Icon - HPuterpop

Congrats you too! That’s all for now! πŸ™‚


“May” The Winners Be Happy!

I’m really sorry I forgot to do this! This is… the Poptropican and Adventurer of May! I couldn’t remember if I announced it for May, so I looked every, but couldn’t find it, so even though this is a bit late, here it is! (And please remind me to do these at the end of each month, if I forget!) πŸ™‚

The Poptropican of May is… Cool Smarticle!

Congrats! CS deserves this award because she has been very active with the ATP lately. She entered in our contest when we really needed contestants, shes been kind, she has forgiven people when they act badly, and she has shown a lot of enthusiasm! So congrats! :mrgreen:

The Adventurer of May is… Samwow5!

Congrats! Sam a.k.a. Tough Icicle deserves this award for his creativity! He came up with “announcements” for his blog, which lead to the CDO 10 here, he has been generous by sharing his ideas, he let us use some of his guides, and he always gives credit when he shares other people’s ideas. :mrgreen:

Congrats you 2! Remember, anyone can win this award and anyone can win it even more than once! Just show kindness, creativity, ect. πŸ˜‰


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