Issue 25 – TMT 24

Yay! Everything is on time! :mrgreen:

TNPT Issue 25 Page 1 TNPT Issue 25 Page 2 TNPT Issue 25 Page 3 TNPT Issue 25 Page 4 TNPT Issue 25 Page 5 TNPT Issue 25 Page 6 TNPT Issue 25 Page 7 TNPT Issue 25 Page 8

I hope you liked it! We would love your opinions, theories, questions, and suggestions! 🙂

tickle me time 24

Darn! They have seen through my disguise…

They must have really good human sensors. 😆



I have found proof that “Time Sandwich” (The next episode of AT) will be aired on September 9, 2013. I also found that the episode after that is called “Short Step”. Because the site I found this on is usually very reliable (Click to enlarge!):


On Time!

Issue 24 is on time! Woo! (Your time might be different from my time)

TNPT Issue 24 Page 1 TNPT Issue 24 Page 2 TNPT Issue 24 Page 3 TNPT Issue 24 Page 4 TNPT Issue 24 Page 5 TNPT Issue 24 Page 6 TNPT Issue 24 Page 7 TNPT Issue 24 Page 8

I hope you liked it!

tickle me time 23

A vampire. In the sun?

How ironic? 😆

Oh, one more thing, I’m leaving in a couple hours, so I won’t be able to play Poptropica, watch Adventure Time or blog until I get back. Bye! 😦 Also, there won’t be an issue or TMT next week.


P.S. I’ll try to post another AT update before I leave!

Late Awesomeness

I am totally working on getting this stuff done in time, I’m sorry. 😆

TNPT Issue 23 Page 1 TNPT Issue 23 Page 2 TNPT Issue 23 Page 3 TNPT Issue 23 Page 4 TNPT Issue 23 Page 5 TNPT Issue 23 Page 6 TNPT Issue 23 Page 7 TNPT Issue 23 Page 8

I really hoped you liked this week’s issue! It was fully completed this time! 😆

But I seriously hope you visit me and SW’s new blog: Our Awesomeness Combined. It’ll help you learn more about us. 😉

tickle me time 22

Click to Play!

That has to be one of the funniest Adventure Time moments of all time! 😆

If you don’t get it, it’s from the episode Slow Love, where Finn & Jake were trying to help this “snail” get a girlfriend, so they were role playing and Jake played the male snail’s role, while Finn was the girl. Things got weird for Finn.

ALSO! The July Poptropican/Adventurer will be announced soon! There will also be a surprise from HPuterpop in that post (Don’t give it away HP!) and hopefully we will have a page with all the monthly winners soon. 🙂


Issue 22 & Laugh #21

I know, I know it was late yet again. But it wasn’t my fault! I couldn’t get on my computer until now. Anyway…

TNPT Issue 22 Page 1 TNPT Issue 22 Page 2 TNPT Issue 22 Page 3 TNPT Issue 22 Page 4 TNPT Issue 22 Page 5 TNPT Issue 22 Page 6 TNPT Issue 22 Page 7 TNPT Issue 22 Page 8

I hope you liked this week’s issue! Wolfy and Sam are sorry they couldn’t make this week. 😦

And now this week’s TMT!

tickle me time 21

Click to play!

Well that’s it! 🙂 Poor BMO… 😆


20 & 21 …Late Again…

Yep! TMT 20 and TNPT Issue 21! Late as usual. Sorry, I was up late last night partying. 😎

TNPT Issue 21 Page 1 TNPT Issue 21 Page 2 TNPT Issue 21 Page 3 TNPT Issue 21 Page 4 TNPT Issue 21 Page 5 TNPT Issue 21 Page 6 TNPT Issue 21 Page 7 TNPT Issue 21 Page 8

Please give us suggestions! And questions for SW! We want your feedback!

tickle me time 20

The best thing to say when you’re tied up

That was one of my favorite Poptropica jokes. 😆 BTW: Sorry if some of the videos don’t work on the TMT Page.

Also, I feel really bad about not finishing the CDO 10. So, if we get at least 20 comments on this post (and they can’t just be silly like… hi), 5 likes, and 10 predictions about the 3 remaining CDO 10s I will post one of them as soon as I’m on my computer, no matter what! Okay? Let’s do it! 😀


Issue 20 and TMT 19

Here is Issue 20! Sorry it’s late… again.

TNPT Issue 20 Page 1 TNPT Issue 20 Page 2 TNPT Issue 20 Page 3 TNPT Issue 20 Page 4 TNPT Issue 20 Page 5 TNPT Issue 20 Page 6 TNPT Issue 20 Page 7 TNPT Issue 20 Page 8

I hope you liked it! We would LOVE your feedback. Now for TMT 19.

tickle me time 19

This animated gif (if it doesn’t work, click it) was from the episode Gut Grinder. 😆


EDIT: Season 5 of Adventure Time still has a lot to go! It was recently discovered that Season 5 is going to be twice as long as a normal season! That means instead of about 26 episodes, it will have about 52 episodes! Thanks for the heads up jotham yacob! 😀

Issue 19 & TMT 18

Well, here it is!

TNPT Issue 19 Page 1 TNPT Issue 19 Page 2 TNPT Issue 19 Page 3 TNPT Issue 19 Page 4 TNPT Issue 19 Page 5 TNPT Issue 19 Page 6 TNPT Issue 19 Page 7 TNPT Issue 19 Page 8

Please remember to give us ideas for TNPT, tell Sleepy what to review next, and ask questions for SW’s Corner!

Now TMT 18 is a video of a super funny Adventure Time Moment. The video is by P123tyu and the moment is from the episode Another Five More Short Graybles. 🙂

I just thought it was creepy and funny. 😆

Well, I think that’s it!


Issue 18 & TMT 17

Well here it is! 🙂 I really hope you guys read and enjoy our newspaper. So if you read them every week, please like this post!

TNPT Issue 18 Page 1 TNPT Issue 18 Page 2 TNPT Issue 18 Page 3 TNPT Issue 18 Page 4 TNPT Issue 18 Page 5 TNPT Issue 18 Page 6 TNPT Issue 18 Page 7 TNPT Issue 18 Page 8

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Anyway, get ready to laugh! Because here is TMT numero 17!

tickle me time 17

And I couldn’t think of a caption this time, so if you come up with one, please tell me in the comments! 🙂

That’s all for now I think!


Issue 17 & TMT 16

Well… here is issue 17!

TNPT Issue 17 Page 1 TNPT Issue 17 Page 2 TNPT Issue 17 Page 3 TNPT Issue 17 Page 4 TNPT Issue 17 Page 5 TNPT Issue 17 Page 6 TNPT Issue 17 Page 7 TNPT Issue 17 Page 8

I’m wondering if anyone can guess the Sneak Peeks correctly, besides our ATP authors… 😉 I hope everyone at least guesses!

Anyway, here is TMT numero 16!

tickle me time 16

Just keep smiling… he won’t actually eat me…

I got this picture from a Creator’s Post awhile back. Thanks Creators! 🙂

Well, I think that’s it for now… or is it? 😈