Finn Hats & Episodes Everywhere – Plus Twitter Shout Out & Followers

New episode updates for everyone! But first, Cartoon Network wanted to put a ton of people in an awesome Finn hat, cause… why not? We are unable to include the video itself, but you can click here to view it.

So, who were your favorite Finn hat wearing characters? I have to say, Finn was my favorite. Gotta stick with the original. 😉

the cooler

Anyway, we have discovered that the next episode will be “Cooler” and will air on Thursday, December 24. It’s synopsis is below:

After a natural disaster hits the Fire Kingdom, Flame Princess is forced to team up with an unlikely ally.

Hmmm… could this unlikely ally be the Ice King??? Or Princess Bubblegum??? Maybe LSP??? Those characters stick out to me, but what do you guys think? Hopefully this picture will give us some insight:


So, maybe this unlikely character is FP’s brother Randy? Well, we have one whole preview that might help us figure things out!

Oh mah glob, it totally gonna be PB. I so called it! 😛

evergreen 1

Other upcoming episodes include Evergreen, Astral Plane, The Mountain, and Jermaine. We have the synopsis for Evergreen below.

A wizard of ice tries to create a crown that will grant the first wearer’s​ deepest wish in order to stop a deadly comet from wiping out all life on the planet.

I can’t wait much longer for Evergreen!!! 😀 Anyway, all the decent pictures we have for this episode are below. Click them to enlarge.

Hmmm, I’m not really sure what else to say for this episode.

Continuing on, all we have for Astral Plane is the preview below.

I want to note a couple things from the video. First of all, the Ice King seems to be using magic without his crown. The crown could be under his hat, but that seems odd. Second of all, Finn has visited the astral plane few times before and in the past, things have never been as detailed. Third of all, at the very end, Finn says “Poor Simon.” I wanted to point this out just because Finn seems to finally sympathize with Ice King. 😉

We also have the synopsis for The Mountain, which is below.

Finn tries to help the Earl of Lemongrab become a better person, but then something unexpected happens.

Nothing much to say on this one.

We don’t really know much about the other episodes, so that’s it for Adventure Time news. Comment your thoughts below!

Before the posts ends, I wanted to quickly mention a few things about the Poptropica Twitter.

First of all, it has reached over 1,000 followers! Congrats Creators!

twitter followers

Second of all, the ATP got another shout out! Specifically for The New Pop Times, out newspaper. Thanks Creators! 😀

tnpt shoutout

Well, that’s it for now. Stay popping adventurers! 🙂



TNPT Issue 37 – TMT #37

Hey guys! Before I get to this week’s issue of The New Pop Times, we have a quick announcement. Samwow5 has been removed from the team due to inactivity. He will be missed, but thankfully Silver Wolf has joined to help us out. On that note, I really need authors to post more often. I know that school has started, but that just means we have to work together even more to keep the site updated.

TNPT Issue 37 - Page 1 TNPT Issue 37 - Page 2 TNPT Issue 37 - Page 3 TNPT Issue 37 - Page 4 TNPT Issue 37 - Page 5 TNPT Issue 37 - Page 6 TNPT Issue 37 - Page 7 TNPT Issue 37 - Page 8 TNPT Issue 37 - Page 9

Well, I know a lot of articles were unavailable, but we hoped you liked it anyway. 😉

tickle me time 37


Now that is stylish. XD

Have a good weekend guys!


P.S. The Poptropica Birthday post has been updated, so be sure to check it out.

Land Creations, Vine Videos, and More

Hey guys! I’m here to bring you a quick Poptropica update. To start off, the Creators wanted to share even more Land creations with us! I expect more to be shown soon (click to enlarge images and to view creation details).

Amazing work! I recently made a Poptropican shaped fountain (Magic Fire’s sculpture reminded me of it), however the creation above is far more detailed.

I also wanted to mention that friendly animals in Poptropica Land are now capable of following you around, even to different screens!

Second off, the Creators have been sharing a lot of fan made Poptropica Vine Videos (via Twitter).

You can view the first one here (Wrecking Ball).

You can view the second one here (Paparazzi).

You can view the third one here (just Survival Island music).

Well, they definitely are creative. 😛

FYI: The Issue of The New Pop Times that was suppose to come out Friday was cancelled. This was due to adjustment from summer to school. The next issue will probably be released on September 19, 2014.


TNPT Issue 36 – TMT 36

EDIT: The Creators have announced that PoptropiCon episode 1 (Line Forms Here) will be out for members on Thursday, August 28. That’s next week! 🙂

Greetings Frank the human boy…

TNPT Issue 36 - Page 1 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 2 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 3 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 4 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 5 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 6 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 7 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 8

We hope you liked our latest issue! Feel free to send your work for the Fan Mail and Ask Us articles via the ATP email ( ). You can also request an ad in the newspaper or send in a funny picture for our “Tickle me Times” series (I know the name is cheesy, but that’s the point). 😛 And on that note…

tickle me time 36

Lol, yep. XD That’s basically what I say whenever I can’t explain something.

BTW: The ATP’s 50,000 hits party is tonight at 9pm EST. We hope you can make it! 😉 



TNPT Issue 35 – TMT 35

Hey hey hey! Quick notice: We now have a Help Us Out widget on the sidebar. Keep checking back there to see how you can help us out! We want to keep the viewers included. 😉

TNPT Issue 35 - Page 1 TNPT Issue 35 - Page 2 TNPT Issue 35 - Page 3 TNPT Issue 35 - Page 4 TNPT Issue 35 - Page 5TNPT Issue 35 - Page 6TNPT Issue 35 - Page 7 TNPT Issue 35 - Page 8


TNPT Issue 35 - Show & Tell 1

TNPT Issue 35 - Show & Tell 2

TNPT Issue 35 - Show & Tell 3

TNPT Issue 35 - Show & Tell 4

We hope you liked the issue! Sorry it wasn’t as “full” as we wanted it to be.

tickle me time 35

A photo worth framing? Not exactly.

Ah, the memories of stardom. XD


TNPT Issue 34 & TMT 34

Hey guys! It’s a little late in the day, but it’s here: Issue 34 of The New Pop Times! Enjoy! 🙂

TNPT Issue 34 - Page 1 TNPT Issue 34 - Page 2 TNPT Issue 34 - Page 3 TNPT Issue 34 - Page 4 TNPT Issue 34 - Page 5 TNPT Issue 34 - Page 6 TNPT Issue 34 - Page 7 TNPT Issue 34 - Page 8

FB’s Show & Tell Daily Pops (Click to enlarge)

TNPT Issue 34 - Show & Tell 1

TNPT Issue 34 - Show & Tell 2

TNPT Issue 34 - Show & Tell 3

TNPT Issue 34 - Show & Tell 4

TNPT Issue 34 - Show & Tell 5

We hope you enjoyed Issue 34! Now, as promised, 3 Tickle Me Time photos. Click to enlarge them.

tickle me time 32

Trashcan hats are in this year

tickle me time 33

HPuterpop’s Live Stream Meme

tickle me time 34

Unfair! Gretchen doesn’t HAVE a nose!

Okay, okay, I’m sorry HPuterpop, but you knew it was coming to the blogs eventually. XD

Hehehe… well, hopefully that cheered up your day. 😉


Chronicles of SF – Chapter 2

Okay guys, I’m back from my trip, so I can finally post Chapter 2 of the Chronicles of Sleepy Feather. 🙂

Creepy Hamburger, or Crep as his friends called him, had seen some pretty weird things in his lifetime.

But none of that prepared him for seeing a person fall from the sky and land in the ocean just a few meters away from his raft. It was followed by another person.

Crep acted fast. He picked up the makeshift oar that he was using to try and steer the boat towards Cryptids Island, where he lived, and paddled over to where the people had landed.

His sister, Shiny, woke up when the boat began to move. “Crep? Like, where are we going?” Crep didn’t answer her, and instead moved the raft towards.

“Over here!” he yelled, stretching out his hand to grab hold of the Poptropican in the water. He watched as the person’s head raised out from the water, and when she turned to him, he stared in surprise. “Spots? What are you doing here?”

He pulled Spots onto the raft, and both of them pulled up Sleepy, who was knocked unconscious. “Stupid pilot dropped us off here…” Spots muttered, then glanced up at Crep. “You wouldn’t happen to know if Astro-Knights is close, would you?”

Crep shrugged. “I don’t really know. Shiny and I ran away from – ”

Spots cut him off. “Carnival Island!”

Crep nodded. “How do you know?”

She grimaced. “I’m a genius. What do you think?”

He shrugged in answer to her question. “You aren’t going there, are you? Spots, it’s too dangerous!”

Spots shook her head. “But we have to save Silver,” she replied quietly, gazing off into the distance.

Shiny spoke. “So, like, Silver was taken? And you want to save her? Like, the entire place is full of people, and these weird guards are all like ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS!’”

Spots glanced up at Shiny, as if confused why the older Hamburger sibling was actually being civil to her. “Exactly what happened at the Monster Carnival, Shiny?” she asked.

“Um, so, we went because we wanted to, like, have a good time at the carnival? But the clowns were so boring, so we left. And then we were, like trying to find the Blimp-Port so we could go back, but then we heard this scream, and we saw this weird monster chasing this girl!” Shiny shuddered at the memory, and Crep couldn’t blame her. That monster was creepy.

“So the girl got bitten, and she turned into a monster. So we ran, and found this boat, but before we could leave a monster broke most of it, so now it’s just a raft. And we’re trying to find a way home,” he finished.

Spots nodded, musing about what to do. “How far are you from Carnival Island?” she asked.

“Not far. Can I take you?” he suggested, leaping at an idea to make Spots like him. After all, he did kind of have a crush on her, so…

“We aren’t going back, Crep!” Shiny yelped angrily. “You can’t take her and her even-more uncool friend to Carnival Island! What kind of older sister lets her brother take two random girls to a dangerous island?”

Crep sighed. “Shiny, we have to go. They need to rescue all those people!”

Shiny laughed. “Look, Crep, I know you think the sun shines out of her jacket, but Spotted Dragon can’t rescue all those people!”

Crep swallowed. “Sleepy’ll be there, too.” He picked up the oar stubbornly. “I think Carnival Island is that way,” he added to Spots and Sleepy, who had just woken up from her unconsciousness.

And, ignoring Shiny’s protests, Crep began to row the raft in the direction that he hoped Carnival Island was.

Whoa… nice work SF! Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀


P.S. The next issue of TNPT is coming out this Friday. Please send in work for the Fan Mail and Ask Us articles!

TNPT Issue 33

Hey guys! We are ready on time for once! XD

Anyway, each issue of TNPT will come out every 2 weeks (on Friday). Please send in stuff for the “Fan Mail” and “Ask Us” articles!

TNPT Issue 33 Page 1 TNPT Issue 33 Page 2 TNPT Issue 33 Page 3 TNPT Issue 33 Page 4 TNPT Issue 33 Page 5 TNPT Issue 33 Page 6 TNPT Issue 33 Page 7 TNPT Issue 33 Page 8

As for FB’s Show & Tell, here are the Daily Pop pictures, in order. Sorry that we ran out of space in the newspaper. Click to enlarge them. 😉

TNPT Issue 33 - Show & Tell 1 TNPT Issue 33 - Show & Tell 4 TNPT Issue 33 - Show & Tell 3 TNPT Issue 33 - Show & Tell 2TNPT Issue 33 - Show & Tell 5

Well, I hope you liked it! Now I’m off on a trip! 😎

The TMT will have to wait, since I’m kinda in a rush… I will post 3 TMTs next week though! That way they will be on the same number as TNPT issues.


Project E.VILE

lego project

We all know that Poptropica’s Lego project got turned down back in 2013, which was depressing. However, we have something else to look forward to now! An awesome Poptropican has started a Legendary Swords Lego project! For a fan made idea, it looks really cool! Click here to go and help support it! 🙂

lego project 2

This Poptropican, known as TheFastComet on the site, is also working on a cool Astro-Knights Island idea. Specifically, Binary Bard’s Citadel. Click here to go check it out!

Of course those aren’t the only Poptropica-Lego ideas! There are many more cool projects out there that you might want to support. 😉

In other news, I’d like to talk to you guys about some stuff here, at the ATP.

For one, don’t forget to check out our Picture Perfect page, a little game to test your Poptropica landscape knowledge.

I also want to tell you that the next issue for TNPT will be coming out this Friday (right before I leave on vacation). After that, new issues will be coming out every two weeks. But we need your help! We have two new articles in the newspaper, Ask Me and Fan Mail. In both of these articles, we need you to send in your ideas! For the Ask Me article, feel free to ask any AT/Pop/ATP related question and we will answer it for you. For the Fan Mail article, send in art, stories, costumes, ideas, etc. Any creative work that you want to share! It would help a lot if we just got one of each for each article, so feel free to send your work to 🙂


TNPT Issue 32

Yes, yes, it is a little late. With the craziness of Monster Carnival coming out yesterday, I think you can understand why. The important thing is that it’s out this week! 🙂

TNPT Issue 32 Page 1 TNPT Issue 32 Page 2 TNPT Issue 32 Page 3 TNPT Issue 32 Page 4 TNPT Issue 32 Page 5 TNPT Issue 32 Page 6 TNPT Issue 32 Page 7 TNPT Issue 32 Page 8

I hope you liked it! I’m extremely sorry that we’ve removed some of the articles, but I hope the viewers corner will make up for it! Don’t worry, the ATP will get in email (hopefully soon).  guess I just keep on procrastinating, sorry. 😛 In the meantime, you can send your work to my email, if you have it. I would rather not post my email for everyone to see though.

tickle me time 31

And that’s your TMT #31. 😆 BMO is so awesome.