This Site Is No Longer Running


If it’s not obvious enough, this post will confirm any suspicions. Adventure Time Pop will no longer be active (not like it has been recently anyway). However, we have decided to leave it here so authors and fans alike can come back and reminisce on old memories and such. It would be extremely difficult to hit that delete button.

Please note that no more posts will be made! I will make edits to some pages and features on this site to remind viewers that any information you find here is not current. Any comments made from this point on will most likely not be answered, as we won’t be checking up on things. Obviously, this means that we also will not constantly be censoring inappropriate comments, so read at your own risk.

I apologize to everyone that this is happening. It has been quite an adventure, one that I don’t regret and will never forget, but every bubble eventually pops. Puns intended. Please know that this does not mean that I, nor any other authors, will be completely leaving the community! I have been making this decision with the help of some friends for a very long time now. Like many people, I feel like every year gets more and more busy for me. School, future, social life, etc. can put lots of stress on anyone. This stress, along with growing disinterest, drives people away from the community. That is not completely the case here, even though it is hard to find time to update things.

Personally, I will still be posting on the PHB and possibly guest posting now and again on the PTFP for the time being. Hopefully, cutting down on tasks will make for better writing. I am also focusing more on my art. I’m going to try to improve my part in the DeviantArt community as a result of this goal. You will still be able to contact me, as I sometimes visit Discord too. As for the rest of the ATP authors, I am not one to speak for them.

Know that our site email will no longer be functional and if you see things missing from the site, they have been deleted. Yes, part of me wants to just disconnect from the ATP. I should no longer be the face of it, since I am dropping responsibility. I don’t want anyone to think I just don’t want to be associated with this place anymore, because it truly was a great experience. That being said, I do need to think about the future.

Some of you might be shocked, some of you might be heart-broken, some of you might not care, and most of you are probably like “how long is this post?!?”. Believe me, it has been difficult finding these words and every single one of them has been chosen carefully. Whether you’re reading this hours after it’s posted or years after it’s posted, I appreciate you reading this. Again, I am sorry. I never wanted to write this post, but I knew the time would eventually come.

Life changes, so remember that everything you’re reading is only completely accurate at the time this was written! Who knows? I might delete everything in a few years.

And for the last time…

~SD  ❤


Pelican Rock for all, Week 5 Island Hopper Winners, and More!

Hey everyone, SD here. First things first: Escape from Pelican Rock Island is going to be out for everyone on December 30th!

spongebob jail

However, if you have the Poptropica app, you can already play the island for free over there! If not, you can still play the island demo. 😉

On a completely different note, the week 5 Island Hopper winners have been announced!

Congrats to all the winners! For the rest of you, remember that time is running out for the sweepstakes, so get hopping!

Oh, but that’s not all Poptropicans! There has also been an awesome app update!

island and clothes

We have already talked about Pelican Rock, but there are also cool new winter costumes available! Some free, some for $0.99.

That’s all the Poptropica news for now, but be sure to visit the Daily Pop and the Creators’ Twitter for even more Poptropica info! 🙂


We’re rich…on Poptanium!

Hey guys! Long time no post. 😛

Today, we’re visiting a recently featured Remarkable Realm. The creator of this realm is Brave Seagull— who made a Poptanium stash! (You can visit the realm by entering the code: 9thzx.)

When you visit the realm, it looks so simple, nothing to hide. When you try to explore and zoom out, Brave Seagull hid a total of 463 Poptanium bars! You can find them inside a whale’s belly, undeground hideout and crystal temples! Check the realm out below:

You can also watch Captain Crawfish’s commentary on this realm!

Make sure to check out more realms with hidden Poptanium stashes (like 4rv6q) er, and discover more creations! Make sure to comment down below. 🙂

-Slippery :mrgreen:


Hi everyone!

I regret to inform you that I’m going to be leaving this blog. Not just this blog, really, but every blog that I work on.

To be honest, I have no interest in Poptropica blogging anymore. I mean, I like the game, and it’s fun to try and find out what island comes next, but now it’s getting a little boring. I’ll still be playing the game, and I’ll still blog on my personal blog (because it is not Poptropica blogging, but just things that happen in my Poptropica life).

So you can find me on there, or friend me on Poptropica, but unfortunately I won’t be blogging on this site anymore.

Goodbye! Spotted Dragon, please remove me from the blog.


When you wish upon a Genie…

Hey guys! SR here.

sneak peek island 1

The plot for the third and final episode of Arabian Nights is finally out! The episode is called “Careful What You Wish For“. It looks so exciting! Do you want to read it with me?

The genie is out of the bottle, and now everyone wants a chance to make their wishes come true. But whether you’re a greedy merchant, a lovelorn palace guard, or a Sultan with a long-buried secret, heed this advice: be careful what you wish for!

Looks like we have to hide the genie from everyone and what is the Sultan hiding from us? According to the SWF files, the episode will feature a magic carpet! Very magical indeed. I’m so excited!

Would you wish upon a star genie?

What do you think of the third episode? Let us know in the comments!


Poptropica Realms Updates!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick post here about the major update to Poptropica Realms!

The new features include:

  • New Svadilfari abilities — reshape your Realms even faster with the Ground Pound,Hammerang, and Super Jump powers!
  • Become a Master Creator! Reach level 15 and unlock this exclusive costume.
  • Watch out for Twilight Pixies, because they’ll steal your Poptanium!
  • Build and customize with even more interactive props!
  • Experience eye-popping new weather effects: rain, snow, sandstorms, acid rain — even meteors!

But that’s not all, everyone can get a free Realms Builder costume! To get it, all you have to do is log in to your Poptropica account and enter the promo code GOREALMS.

Hope you enjoyed this post! -BS

The Lair of Thieves is now open for members! (and other news)

Hello poptropicans! The second episode of Arabian Nights, Lair of Thieves, is now available for members!



Also, members, don’t forget to pick up your special prizes:

arab itemshield_itemsword_item

Once you have completed the episode, be sure to check your rank!

If you need help sneaking through the lair, check out the walkthrough video made by Captain Crawfish!

A review for this episode will be coming out soon. 😀

In other news….

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Poptropica: Beyond the Forest (Episode 1)

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start something new- writing a fan-fiction about Poptropica. 😛

Enjoy, and give me feedback in the comments!

*Note: There will be plenty of references to other islands throughout the story, that give connections to characters and stuff. See if you can figure them out!

_    _    _    _    _

Max’s eyes glanced from the sky ahead to the picture frame by the controls. The portrait showed his beloved granddaughter, CJ smiling brightly to the camera. Max’s eyes watered a little, and he cleared his throat, driving his attention back into focus.


He was delivering cargo to Giza, Egypt. Got a call about some need of supplies- shovels, pickaxes. Something about a jewel. It wasn’t Max’s deal to snoop with other people’s business. As long as he got the pay. Call, fly, pay. That’s how it worked now. Max didn’t like it, but it worked.


Checking the control panel, it looked like it would be a while before Max got anywhere. He sighed, pressing the auto-pilot button. He was about to drift off to sleep, when a deafening boom rang through the air. Max jumped, his hands accidently knocking one of the main switches. The engines began to slow down, and Max could see the storm up ahead, with threads of gold lightning. This was bad.

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Top submissions for Best of the Land Contest announced!

Today, the Creators have announced some incredible creations for the Obstacle Course aspect for The Best of the Land contest! Check the submissions below:

Go ahead and click here so you can vote for the one you like best! The poll should be on the top right corner of the page. From now until October 30th, the day before Halloween, you can get started on the next theme of the contest, which is called Haunted. Good luck everyone!