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This page is dedicated to solving your confusion, getting your advice, and more. You may also talk about random stuff in the comments! Feel free to get to know the ATP authors, as well as your fellow ATP viewers!

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Editing Text

Within your comment, you can make certain words bold, italicized (slanted), underlined, or even crossed out. Below you can read how!

Bold: To make words bold, just type <b> in front of your text and </b> at the end!

Underline: To underline words, just type <u> in front of your text and </u> at the end!

Italics: To italicize, or slant, words, just type <i> in front of your text and </i> at the end!

Striking: To strike, or cross out, a word, you just type <strike> in front of your text and </strike> at the end!


To add an emoticon to your comment, see the graph provided below. Just put a space before and after it. Also, refrain from spamming your comment with emoticons. We can’t take the feels!!!
emotions 2


Below I have listed a couple FAQ, or frequently asked questions. This is to prevent a ton of the same question being asked.

Q1: Can I be an ATP author?

A1: Please do not ask to be an ATP author. If we need another author, we will pick who we think is based based on their comments, writing, etc. If we don’t chose you, please don’t take it personally. We still need awesome viewers like you! 🙂 

Q2: Can I use _____ on my own website?

A2: You may only use something from the ATP if you have my (Spotted Dragon’s) permission. However, you must give credit to the ATP for being the original source. Even if you do this, I can ask you to take it down at any time. If you aren’t sure you can use something and I haven’t given you permission, please assume that you can’t.


We love to here your suggestions on how to improve the ATP and always take everything into consideration. To make a suggestion, just comment below! However, if you’d like to make your suggestion private feel free to email the ATP at theatpteam(at)adventuretimepop(.com) or visit our Contact page.


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