Poptropica Stuff

Since this is a Poptropica and Adventure Time themed blog, it can be a bit confusing trying to find exactly what you want if you are only interested in one or the other. Well, below are all the Poptropica themed pages!

Remember that some Poptropica related pages are under our ATP Stuff page, since it isn’t solely about Poptropica and/or is originally based on the ATP.

Clever Codes

Clever cheats, glitches, hidden secrets, and more!

Cool Costumes

Cool outfits and costumes that would look great on your Poptropican!

Creative Creators

Info on the beloved creators of Poptropica!


Must-Have Merchandise

Awesome Poptropica merchandise that is simply a must-have!

Picture Perfect

We’ve taken a photo somewhere on Poptropica and we need your help to figure out where it’s from!

Poptropica Pamphlet

All the basics that newer Poptropicans need to know!

Rapid Records

See how fast you can complete Poptropica islands and try to beat your friends!

Strange Stories

Stories, comics, and other Poptropica fan-fics!

Triumphant Tribes

Info on all the Poptropica tribes!

Wonderful Websites

A directory of awesome Poptropica themed sites!


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