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Want to know a secret? Well there are many secrets in Poptropica! And here you can find all of them. But thank The Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) and Tough Icicle’s blog (TIB) for most of these secrets. Other people/blogs who found these secrets will be given credit in the secret they found.

Please note that some of the glitches do not work any longer, sorry. Also note that not all glitches may be listed.

Promo Codes

Promo Codes are codes you can type in, in the Poptropica Store, that give you special costumes

  • SKULLBOOK – Skull Pirate Costume
  • WIMPY2012 – Diary of a Wimpy Kid Multi-Prize Card (Paper Fancy Guy, Paper King/Queen, and Paper Clock Tower)
  • DRHARE2500 – Big Carrot Costume
  • DRHARE5000 – Dr Hare Deluxe Balloons
  • DRHARE7500 – Dr Hare Ears

poptropica item skull piratebigcarrot


Hotkeys are easy ways to do something, like Ctrl + V = Paste. Some people might have to switch Crtl to Command. And with the emo hotkeys you can combine some of them. Such as a mad laugh.

  • Ctrl + Shift + R = Randomizes Poptropican (YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CURRENT OUTFIT!!!)
  • Ctrl + Shift + P = Pumpkin Mask
  • Ctrl + Shift + S = Changes Skin Color
  • Ctrl + Shift + H = Changes Hair Color
  • Ctrl + Shift + 1 = Laughing Emo
  • Ctrl + Shift + 2 = Crying Emo
  • Ctrl + Shift + 3 =Mad Emo
  • Ctrl + Shift + 4 = Jumping Emo
  • Ctrl + Shift + F10 = Pauses game
  • S = Skips Dialogue

Secret Surprises

Secret Surprises are more commonly referred to as Easter Eggs. They are hidden prizes, intentionally put into games, unlike regular glitches.

The Cell Phone

Go to Mountain of the Moons on Nabooti Island. Once you get the cell phone you can type different numbers into it to get different prizes, that can’t be found anywhere else!


  • 911 – Cop Costume
  • 1225 – Santa Hat and Sack (12 – December, 25 – Christmas!)
  • 411 – Brain Helmet
  • 1337 – Nerd Costume (Ned Noodle Head or Comic Kid)

poptropica item cell phone

Viking Costume

Go to the Viking time period on Time Tangled Island and up, to the cave entrance. Put on your hang glider and glide to the far right, where there is a free viking suit!

poptropica item viking suit

Hypnotic Costume

Go to Poptropica Towers in Early Poptropica. Then go left to the first green building and jump up four stories high. Click on the top, left panel of the middle window, with the flower and you get a free Hypnotic Costume!

poptropica item hypnotic costume

Skull Mask

In Legendary Swords, enter the first cave and into the second area. Go to where you find Rusty Relic, a little right, and up. Then go left to where all these fossils are and among the fossils there is a skull mask that you can click and keep!

poptropica item skull mask


Glitches, unlike secret surprises, are unintentional, but interesting and cool. They don’t really earn you things, but they are cool to play with. Thanks to SL, Samwow5, and Elphangor for lots of these!

Dizzy Helicopter

Go to Reality T.V. Island and jump on top of the Reality  helicopter to spin around.

poptropica glitch helicopter

Trash Can Man

Go to Spy Island, the Docks and customize the spy in the trash can. Then you can customize the lid of the trash can!

poptropica glitch trash can

Kitty Cat

If you have not completed 24 Carrot Island, go there and into the place where you find the cat. Get the cat out of the shower and press Ctrl + Shift + R . The cat will turn into a small human. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + S to change the cat’s color.

Rope Malfunction

Climb to any rope and either do an emo hotkey or press space bar while holding an item with a special action. When you’re done you’re standing behind the rope, in mid air!

poptropica glitch rope

Silent, Yet Blind


Go to the Poptropica Avatar Studio and type in the username fsdummy. Refresh Poptropica and if a message appears click cancel. Then you have no eyes and no mouth!

Customize Master

Go to your Friends Profile and go into one of your pictures. Click the tiny green shirt, like you’re going to customize it. Then click the blimp to return to your game. After that, go back to your friends page, customize one of your friends, and you can customize anything they have on! This only works for the first item you customize though, so repeat the steps to do it again!

~ You can also look like the robot shown below! Friend the username everything173 and use the Customize Master glitch to customize his robot in his closet!

poptropica glitch robot

Gender Mix Up

Open a new tab to this page. Then another new tab to this page (Poptropica Ad Transporter). Click on any random ad. If you were a boy, you are now a girl and if you were a girl, you are now a boy! To change back go to this page and then visit any random ad again, in a new tab.


After you beat Nabooti Island go to the Nabooti Museum. Jump to where the totem pole use to be and you’ll be standing in mid air, like the totem pole is still there!

poptropica glitch floating

Floating – Again

Thanks to Magic Star for this glitch!

Right after you give the signal flag back to the man on Early Poptropica, use the jet pack to fly to the right and you can stand in the air there, before the ship comes.

Balance Master

Get a peg leg (from the Pirate Costume in the Poptropica Store), go to Spy Island, Main street, and customize the jumpsuit from the woman in a black jumpsuit. When you’re done you should only have one leg!

Cord Mishaps

Go to Spy Island and up to the cord/telephone wire, on Main street. Put on the grappling bow tie, jump to the cord, aim your bow tie down, and you should be standing on the cord, on the street!

Minotaur Ears

Beat Mythology Island, go to the place with the Minotaur, but the Medusa Costume from the Poptropica Store, and use the hair on the Minotaur. He will then have strange ears that you can customize!

Construction Worker Costume

Thanks to Silver Wolf for this glitch!

Go to the Elf Queen’s Hide out on Twisted Thicket Island. Click customize and then either one of the 2 spots circled below. Then you get to customize 2 construction workers that were suppose to be gone!

poptropica glitch construction worker

Extra Navigational Help

Thanks to Michael/Curious Grape for this glitch!

Go to Back Lot Island, to where you get to act out the Navigator’s role. As you are acting, press Ctrl + Shift + S and you can keep the Navigator Costume!

“Acting” Like You’re Jumping

Thanks to Michael/Curious Grape for this glitch!

Get the Clapboard (Back Lot Island) Members Only Gold Card from the Poptropica Store and use the item. While jumping (Mouse is a green arrow) press space bar to activate the item’s power and you keep jumping and jumping!

poptropica glitch clapboard jump

Handheld Items

Handheld items are items you hold ion your hand. You can get these from the Poptropica Store, in islands, or randomizing your Poptropican. You can’t customize them from other Poptropicans though. Thanks to PoptropicaaGCHelp, Fuzzy-B, Samwow5, SL, & Elphangor for lots of these!

Big Spoon, Book, Swords, Feather, Paddle, Handcuffs and More

Enter everything173 to your friends list, go to his closet and customize the items you want!

Big Sword, Scissors, Apple, Spears, Hades’ staff, Bongo, Club, TNT dynamite stick and More

Enter 55990022567 to your friends list, go to his closet and customize the items you want!

Black Drink

Go to the Carrot King Dinner on 24 Carrot Island. Fill a cup with a white drink and as it fills up press Ctrl + Shift + S . Then log out and log back into Poptropica. You should now be carrying a pitcher filled with black liquid!

poptropica glitch black drink

Glow Stick

Go to Early Poptropica, Poptropica Towers, put on your jet pack and go down into The Dark Room. Go down the rope (you’re holding a glow stick), take off your jet pack, go back up, and you’ll have a glow stick!

poptropica glitch glow stick


Go to Game Show Island, turn on the fan, press Ctrl + Shift + S, then go into a room and you should be holding the fan!


Go to the Vikings on Time Tangled Island. Put on the hang glider, go into the cave, take off the hang glider, exit the cave and you should have a torch!


Go into Dr. Hare’s dream on Super Villain Island, press Ctrl + Shift + S, while holding the pickax, wake pu, and you should still have the pickax!

Ninja Items

Finish your ninja training on Red Dragon Island. While holding your ninja item of choice (Bo staff, Shuriken, Smoke bomb) press Ctrl + Shift + S and you should be able to keep the ninja item you chose!


Go to New Jersey on Cryptids Island. Ride the motorcycle and get off at the first place you can. Press Ctrl + Shift + S and ride back to the start. Now you should have the lantern!

Candle/Fire Iron

Go to the Great Hall in Bram’s Castle on Vampire’s Curse Island. Click on either the candle or fire iron and press Ctrl + Shift + S (Or turn on a gold card effect item, like torch or electrifier). Then exit the Great Hall and you will have either the candle or fire iron! (If you used a gold card effect item from the store turn it off before exiting)

Mr. Yoshi Costumes

Mr. Yoshi is a robot on Game Show Island, that makes you wear weird costumes in his Game Show. And here’s how to keep those costumes!

While in Mr. Yoshi’s Game Show, wearing the costume you want (Baby, Chicken, Bowling Ball), press Ctrl + Shift + S and continue with the Game Show. When you’re done you should be able to keep the costume you chose!

poptropica gsi 15 poptropica gsi 14 poptropica gsi 13 2

Beards and Mustaches

Normally you can’t customize any sort of facial hair. But here’s how you can, to make your face stylishly warm! Thanks to Nice Dragon, SL, PoptropicaaGCHelp, Fuzzy-B, Elphangor for discovering lots of these!

Beard Brew

Use the Beard Brew on Wild West Island, press Ctrl + Shift + S and go into a new room. Then you should have a nice short beard!

Minion Beard


Start the mini-quest of Dr. Hare’s Evil Lair in the Poptropica Store. Go right and jump up to the platform. Jump left and hide behind the carrot crates. Then customize the pointy beard from the minion on the platform above you, when he walks by!

Doggy Hairdo

Outside of Mission Control on Lunar Colony Island, click the guard dog and then immediately click your Friends Profile. Click your first friend and scroll right, so you can’t see them. Then click the customize button and customize your “Dog Beard”

poptropica glitch beard dog

Facial Hair Catalog

Open a new tab and go to the Poptropica Ad Transporter and go to The Alvin Experience and beat the Zip Line Game. You get the Para-sailing and Simon costume when you win. Close out the tab where you first logged in, then customize the hat and jacket from the Para-sailing outfit. There’s also a long beard you can now customize!

Go to any of the Poptropicans listed below and customize all hair and face wear. Then find the Para-sailing costume in your items. It should show the facial hair from the Poptropican you want to customize!

Facial Hair you can customize from cheat above

  • Mr. Mew’ – Mustache – Cryptids Island
  • Grandpa Grum – Mustache – Reality TV Island
  • The Guide in the Himalayas – Beard – Cryptids Island
  • RJ Earl (Potion Seller) – Beard and Mustache – Wild West Island
  • Motel Owner – Beard/Mustache Combo – Reality TV Island
  • Guy with a hole in his blue hat – Mustache – Wild West Island
  • Guy in the blue hat in the pub – Beard – Cryptids Island
  • Guy with the bagpipes – Beard – Cryptids Island
  • Guy who has a stuck tire -Beard – Cryptids Island
  • Guy with glasses – Beard – Main Street, Cryptids Island
  • Farm owner –Beard (Zeus-like) – Puerto Rico, Cryptids Island

77 thoughts on “Clever Codes

  1. I know how to make the zeus costume! Super easy: First, type in the name of a dummy that has zeus’s lightning bolt and crown. Next, on mythology island the shepherd has zeus’s beard. Use the customize anything cheat on his beard. Then change your hair and skin color to match zeus’s. Finally on mythology, there is a guy with a red shirt and red pants. Customize them and then use your mythology medallion for zeus’s.

    Thx PHB for the dummy’s username! 🙂 (Add me: t-rex1201! also customize me for rare items and costumes!)

  2. There is another code. I do not know if this still works, but if you press control-shift-11586528667559108886582 to supposedly get a car. Once again, I do not know about this code.

  3. There is another glitch. Go to Counterfeit Island. Go to the café. Go to the right of the guy in the chair. Jump up. You will be standing on yet another shelf.

  4. There is another glitch. When you first walk into the black widow’s lair on Counterfeit Island, walk all the way to the right just before the door. If you jump, there is an invisible shelf, and you will be floating.

  5. Help! I went on the Poptropica help blog and found a way to remove my eyes and mouth. I am Treeboy2002, so you can see how it looks like. How do I get them back?

  6. new glitch:
    go to the choc room in the choc fctory with a balloon. then jump into the choc river and swin to ur left until ur behind the choc rocks. the balloon will still be there!

  7. i found a glitch today:

    get a dr hare lair balloon with the code drhare5000 and go to charlie and the chocolate factory. go inside the factory, then go to store items to inflate your balloon of choice. choose a room to go to, follow the hands, and when you jump down, the balloon starts spazzing out!

    Prickly Lizard

    if u want to add me type in


  8. If you press Shift, Ctrl and 3, then while holding Shift and Ctrl, press 3 repeatably and then hold three. Your head will be stuck with a red face until you move again! 🙂 Also, you can press 2 immediately after holding three and you will cry with a red face! 🙂

  9. I know a glitch!To get a lot of cool costumes pull up the avatar studio.Type in any dummy (a list can be found at the phb’s friend finder)then,restart the poptropica page.If something comes up that have two buttons that say restart and cancel press cancel and you should be wearing the dummy’s costume.This won’t turn you into a dummy.My favorites are alfiebro9(binary bard),and alfiebro(captain crawfish).

  10. A couple of days ago it wasn’t possible to get the hypnotic costume (as of 2013, maybe it was a glitch), but today i got it and it said members only! Ican still wear it, though.

  11. If you go onto Early Poptropica where you have that glow stick in the maze, then go to Poptropica Friends, then return, you’ll have no glow stick but still light! Amazing!

  12. Not sure if you already have this, but there’s another “Floating” glitch – just before you beat the island in Early Poptropica, but just after you give the guy the signal flag, use the jetpack to fly to the right of the screen. You can stand on air where the the mast will be! (in a few seconds).

  13. If I can i can be the handing out free accounts and telling me buds about the blog post email what you are going to post so there is not two

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