Cool Costumes

ATP page cool costumes

Want your Poptropican to have a new style? Bored of your current clothes? Try out some of these costumes! From fairy princesses to pirate kings, you can dress your Poptropican almost anyway you want. Express yourself! 😉 And to prevent a overload of costumes we have categorized them.

Costume Categories

*Help us out! If you have a cool costume and want to share it, tell us how to make it and give us a picture! We might put it up! It doesn’t have to be in a current costume category either!


16 thoughts on “Cool Costumes

  1. Hey SD, um, I’m working on updating the Costume Page for a blog I edit on, and I was wondering if I could use some of your Guys’ Costumes? I’ll give full credit. If you want to see the blog, don’t worry, it’s not CS’, but I can’t say because the updates are a surprise. I’m practically giving it away at this moment, but if you would like to know specifically first, then just email me 😉

    Lemme know, thanks c:

    • Just go the the Avatar Studio for whatever Poptropican the costume is on and copy the link. If it’s an image and not a Poptropica, copy the image’s link. 😉

  2. SD, I remember you asking where that wavy hair came from on CD’s blog. Well, guess what? One of my poptropicans friended hes it! you can customize it off of me! 😀

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