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Note: The ATP authors are not AT or Pop Creators. The ATP isn’t owned by them either.

Ever wonder what the Creators of Adventure Time and Poptropica actually do? Behold the creativity from each Creator! Thanks to the Poptropica Help Blog for some insight.

Please remember that these may not be up to date and not every creator is listed.

Poptropica Creators

The Poptropica Creators are the people who create every island, every item, and everything in Poptropica. They own the Poptropica Creators’ Blog and the Poptropica Creators’ Channel on YouTube. Here is everything important we know about them!

Binary BardPop Creators - Binary Bard

  • Real Name: ???
  • Job: ??? (Binary Bard is the villain on Astro-Knights Island and a part of Super Villain Island.)
  • Account: BinaryBard
  • Contact: ???

Black WidowPop Creators - Black Widow

  • Real Name: Jennifer Wood
  • Job: Managing Editor (Black Widow is the villain on Counterfeit Island and a part of Super Villain Island.)
  • Account: BlackWidowCreator
  • Contact: Jennifer’s LinkedIn Profile

Captain CrawfishPop Creators - Captain Crawfish

  • Real Name: ???
  • Job: ??? (Captain Crawfish is the villain on Skullduggery Island and a part of Super Villain Island.)
  • Account: CaptainCrawfishCreator
  • Contact: ???

Comic KidPop Creators - Comic Kid

  • Real Name: Jeff Kinney
  • Job: Founder/Virtual World Designer (Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead is a character on Super Power Island.) (Creator of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.)
  • Account: ??? (We don’t know, but he is Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead.)
  • Contact:

Director DPop Creators - Director D

  • Real Name: James Lema
  • Job: Director of Product Development (Digital Design Manager in the past.) (Director D is the villain on Spy Island.)
  • Account: DirectorDcreator1
  • Contact: James’ LinkedIn Profile

Dr HarePop Creators - Dr Hare

  • Real Name: Jordan Leary
  • Job: Designer & Developer (Dr Hare is the villain on 24 Carrot Island and a part of Super Villain Island.)
  • Account: JordanLeary
  • Contact: or

Fact MonsterPop Creators - Fact Monster

  • Real Name: Jess M. Brallier
  • Job: Developer
  • Account: dummy1036 (We aren’t completely sure though because a “dummy” is normally a clone.)
  • Contact: ??? (Learn more about Jess here though.)

HadesPop Creators - Hades

Hazmat HermitPop Creators - Hazmat Hermit

  • Real Name: Justin Lacy
  • Job: ??? (Hazmat Hermit is a minor character on Super Power Island.)
  • Account: JustinLacy
  • Contact: ???

Master MimePop Creators - Master Mime

  • Real Name: Jon Pitcher
  • Job: Game Designer, Illustrator/Animator (Master Mime/A regular mime is a minor character on Counterfeit Island.)
  • Account: ???
  • Contact: Jon’s LinkedIn Profile

MedusaPop Creators - Medusa

  • Real Name: Tracey West
  • Job: Author of most Poptropica Books, Script Writer (Medusa is a minor villain on Mythology Island.)
  • Account: ???
  • Contact: ???

Shark BoyPop Creators - Shark Boy

The well known Shark Boy character has been disappearing from Poptropica. Due to a court case between Pearson and the wrestler named Shark Boy, Poptropica was forced to get rid of anything related to Shark Boy. The rare Shark Boy outfit is now just labeled “Shark Costume,” the avatar studio gold card now shoes “Master Mime” on the front, the Daily Pop Poptropican is now Dr. Hare, the Shark Boy account (when you friend him – details below) is now called “Shark Guy,” and more.

  • Real Name: Nate Greenwall
  • Job: Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Interactive Designer (Shark Boy is a character on Shark Tooth Island.)
  • Account: SharkBoyCreator
  • Contact: Nate’s Website, Nate’s Blog

Thirsty WhalePop Creators - Thirsty Whale

  • Real Name: ???
  • Job: ??? (Thirsty Whale/A mountain climber is a character on Time Tangled Island.)
  • Account: ThirstyWhaleCreator
  • Contact: ???

TritonPop Creators - Triton

  • Real Name: ??? (Possibly Rick Riordan. Triton has only showed up in Creator’s party pics.)
  • Job: ??? (Triton is a minor character on Mythology Island.)
  • Account: TritonCreator
  • Contact: ???

Vlad The VikingPop Creators - Vlad The Viking

Other Pop Creators

Not much is known about these creators. There is probably even more than these. Thanks to the PHB for the information.

  • Pop Creators - SteveAshley Lange, 2D game designer (LinkedIn) and Island Designer (DeviantArt).
  • Cara Campanelli, Customer Support (LinkedIn).
  • Christopher Barney, Game Engineer/Game Designer (LinkedIn).
  • Dan Franklin, senior software developer (LinkedIn).
  • Jeff Heim, music composer  (Soundcloud).
  • John “J.T.” Gallant, intern (LinkedIn).
  • Kyle Fox, music composer (for Mocktropica’s Mega Fighting Bots) and possibly Gamer Guy (LinkedIn).
  • Lisa Wolfe, L. Wolfe Communications, 773-227-1049, (from Poptropica’s About Us page).
  • Max Brallier, game designer (his website).
  • Michael Etzel, early developer (LinkedIn).
  • Nasan Hardcastle, Designer & Illustrator for characters, environments, games, and toys (his blog) (LinkedIn).
  • Nate Tufts, Illustrator/Designer working (his website).
  • Pamela Dixon, license manager (Yahoo article).
  • Steve username is SteveCreator and his character appears in many Daily Pops.
  • Tyson Burnham, motion graphic designer (LinkedIn).



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