Island Guides

ATP page island guides

Are you stuck on a Poptropica Island and just can’t get that medallion? Well, this is the page for you! Below are guides for all the islands, including mini-quests, in order of release.


  1. Early Poptropica Island
  2. Shark Tooth Island
  3. Time Tangled Island
  4. 24 Carrot Island
  5. Super Power Island
  6. Spy Island
  7. Nabooti Island
  8. Big Nate Island
  9. Astro-Knights Island
  10. Counterfeit Island
  11. Reality T.V. Island
  12. Mythology Island
  13. Skullduggery Island
  14. Steamworks Island
  15. Great Pumpkin Island
  16. Cryptids Island
  17. Wild West Island
  18. Wimpy Wonderland Island
  19. Red Dragon Island
  20. Shrink Ray Island
  21. Mystery Train Island
  22. Game Show Island
  23. Ghost Story Island
  24. S.O.S. Island
  25. Vampire’s Curse Island
  26. Twisted Thicket Island
  27. Poptropolis Games Island (2013 Version Included!)
  28. Wimpy Boardwalk Island
  29. Lunar Colony Island
  30. Super Villain Island
  31. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island
  32. Zomberry Island
  33. Night Watch Island
  34. Back Lot Island
  35. Virus Hunter Island
  36. Mocktropica Island
  37. Monster Carnival Island
  38. Survival Island
  39. Mission Atlantis Island
  40. PoptropiCon Island
  41. Arabian Nights Island
  42. Galactic Hot Dogs Island
  43. Mystery of the Map Island
  44. Timmy Failure Island


  1. Haunted House
  2. Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab
  3. Don’t be an Energy Hog
  4. Legendary Swords
  5. Blimp Adventure
  6. Shrink Shot
  7. Prepare for Imapct
  8. DC Diner
  9. Nano-Combat Training

Video Games (Not PC)

  1. Poptropica Adventures (Nintendo DS)
  2. Forgotten Islands (Nintendo 3DS, iOS, and Android)


  1. Poptropica Realms

*Some may not be available at this moment, they will hopefully be up soon.


26 thoughts on “Island Guides

  1. You don’t have a guide for Monster Carnival, Mocktropica, nor Survival Island Episode 1: Crash Landing… You could use mine if you wanted. I was just checking here because I was going to tell viewers to check out some other blogs’ for different reasons 😛

    Well, I guess I’ll have to make a separate post then 😛

  2. I could do some guides, except my parents don’t allow me to do Prt Scr or to email people I don’t know in person.

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  5. Could I write the island guides for Early Poptropica,Shark Tooth,Skullduggery,Reality TV and Big Nate?If so,how can I send them to you?

    Spotted Dragon: I would love for you to write the guides for Shark Tooth, Skullduggery, and Big Nate. I’ve got Early Poptropica and Reality T.V. handled though. I have e-mailed you more info. Remember you only write the guides if you want to. 😉

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