poptropica n-cyoaRed Jewel

When you land on Nabooti Island, enter the museum right to your left. Talk to the woman standing by the totem. Exit the museum and run to the right, passing the Fly-By-Night Airlines. Talk to the man by the airlines. Hop in the plane and fly to the dot on the map that says Mountains of the Moon. Run to the left, over the little stream, and let the goat ram you up onto the next green. Make your way up the hill, avoiding falling rocks. By the way, you should probably avoid the rest of the goats… When you reach the top, you can’t enter the cave because a lonely man is blocking it. You have to beat him in mancala:


When you make it in the Cave, slide off the rocks and get below where you’re standing at the entrance and get the phone. Jump up the rocks that are sticking out of the cave, and get back to the entrance, but jump to the right, from rock to rock (This will take a few tries), and get the gem. Then you can exit the cave.


Purple Jewel

Go back to the airplane and fly to the dot labeled Blue Nile Falls. When you land, jump from the top of the plane and climb up the mountain. Then get the flower and jump across the rocks on the front of the waterfall until you reach the other side where the girl is.


To get all of her items  across, do it in this order:

  • Chicken to point B *Point B is the far side of the Waterfall, starting point is A* Return with the girl, no chicken. 
  • Fox to Point B, Chicken to Point A
  • Grain to Point B, return empty-handed to Point A
  • Chicken to Point B


So, go to the far side of the waterfall and:


So, enter and do the same thing you did in the last cave, jump across the rocks to the right, except this one is trickier than the last. It will probably take a few shots, but you’ll make it 😉 Get to that gem and you can leave again. Go back to the airplane, and return to Nabooti.


Blue Jewel

Run to the Merchant wearing Orange, and trade her your flower for the Turban. Now head for that map dot labeled Giza. When you land, if you haven’t yet, put on your Turban. Get the shovel, and run to the right. Use the phone you found to call 555-6789. When Vince walks away (The bad guy!), click on the backpack, and climb the tomb. Use the Pearl, and then enter the tomb.  Once you’re inside, run to the left and you’ll see a little chart on the wall that navigates the walkway in front of you, you need to click on them until the form a straight line.


Now, run across the walkway and go right. Use the pegs sticking out of the wall to jump up to the next level. Now you need to line up those blocks on the bottom to match the pattern on the wall. Push the one on the far right off the side first, and push it off to the left side, right past the Reset Switch. Then, push the block on the far left side of the top off, and into place. Push the block you pushed down first into place, and then jump back up and place the other two blocks. Then exit into the next room.

Jump up the blocks in the order you saw when you came in 😉 If you fall, you don’t have to go all the way through there again, there’s a rope available now :-/



When you make it to the top, jump up the rope. Now, you need to run to the far right of the room and flip the switch, then the switch two over to your left. Then the one directly to the right, and two over from the left again. If the sand gets too high, run to the left and flip the RESET Switch.


Green Jewel

Now you can leave the tomb and head back to the Airplane. Head for Kaya Forests. When you land, jump on top of one of the huts, and jump to the gold spot in the tree:


Now, get down and use the Opuntia Fruit. Then use your shovel, and leave again. Go back to Nabooti,and talk to the merchants. Trade your golden nugget for a Camera, and your Ebony Elephant for a Fingo.


Now, go back to the Kaya Forests, and give the ghosts their Fingo. You get the next gem!

White Jewel

Now, leave Kaya Forests, and go to Safari. Go talk to the man on the far right, and then take pictures of the animals. Feel free to zoom in, and I took one extra for myself. 😉 He will give you the hard hat, and then you can leave again. Now it’s time to head for Diamond Mines, in the south of the map. When you make it to the Diamond Mines land and run to the far right, until you see an electric machine. Click the dial and then run up the little hill you climbed, when you reach the peak, jump up to the right. Make it to the (Now powered off) electric fence and enter. It could take a couple of times to make it before the electricity turns back on.

Go left until you see some incoming mine carts. Climb up all the rails until you see the place they are all coming from. Then jump on it right after the latest mine car rolls off. When you’re in the tunnel, click on that green button and then push the flammable tank on the left up to the boulder. Then run left and push the green boulder. Do this once more to be able to exit. Now go right. Push the cart to the right until you jump in it, and then avoid all of the obstacles (It’s like the mine run in Wild West Island).

Duck when you come towards the roof, jump when you reach the bottom peaks. If you fall, then it gives you the option to go back to the cave, or try again.  Do each a few times, and you’ll pass on to the next area. Run up and click the stack of diamonds. I could make you stay there and search for the gem, but I’ll make it easy on you. 😉 Click on the gem, which is on the left, kind of in the middle.


Flying Totem Pole… Thing

Now go up the rope, and head back to the plane. Fly back to Nabooti. Go inside the museum.  Put the gems in order from top to bottom like this:


Then the totem will mysteriously fly away, and you win!

poptropica n-cyoa medal

Written By: Nameless UnDEFiNed

Illustrated By: Nameless UnDEFiNed

(See the original here)


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