Shark Tooth

poptropica stiTemple Journey

When you land on Shark Tooth Island grab a shark fin and a cup of coconut milk from the venders (however the fin is optional). If you want to, visit the Shark Museum and Tourist Center to learn more about the Island’s plot. Then go right, to the Ancient Ruins. Move the block to the right, so you can climb the vine. Watch out for the falling coconuts though! Once you think you’re high enough (but not to the next screen), jump to the left to reach the top of the temple. Find the torn piece of paper. Now go into the temple. Try to get to the far left (you’ll have to go down first) and watch out for bats. Click door control thingy and with the translator you got from the roof, click the symbols fro OPEN, then click the triangle at the top.

poptropica st 1

Once you open the door, enter it and try to make your way to the far left. Watch out for bats and… that giant caterpillar thing. When you come across a moving platform and a spiky wall, fall down it! 😈 But seriously, fall down it and grab the bone. Then try to make your way to where you began to fall, but this time, continue left. When you make it to the next room, you might want to pay attention to the story on the wall. Mainly, just go get the key ingredient.

poptropica st 2

The Medicine Man

Now go to Booga Bay. It is to the right of the Ancient Ruins. Talk to the vender there and get a grass skirt. You’ll need to put that on. Go back to The Ancient Ruins, move the block to the vine, and climb up to the next screen. Talk to the Medicine Man that is at the top and get him to mix all the ingredients you collected together.

poptropica st 3

Then you go back to Booga Bay.

The Survivors

Go to the right and click the big wheel, by the cannons. Shoot your new mixture into the water and the shark will eat it and fall asleep.

poptropica st 4

Click back and you can cross to the right, where you originally couldn’t, because of the shark. You’ll find yourself on a deserted island… except for 2 survivors. Talk to each of them and they’ll follow you (wherever you go… 😯 ) Lead them back to the main land. Talk to the woman there and she’ll thank you for bringing her son back safely.

poptropica st 5After all that, the old man that you saved will give you the island medallion! Congrats! You completed Shark Tooth Island! πŸ˜€

poptropica sti medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon

Illustrated By: Spotted Dragon


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