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Becoming a Pirate

When you land on Skullduggery Island, immediately run to the right. Go inside the General Store, click on the mirror; it’s on the top shelf, right side of the store. The Store Clerk will give you the mirror for free, so now you leav

e. Run to the right, a little farther, and go right, off of ‘Main Street’. Now, on the right side of the bridge, climb down below the rocks and go left. Get the doubloon.

SG 1

Now go back to the right, and then back to the General Store, which is to the left of the bridge. Use the Doubloon and buy the feed, then go to the left of the General Store and use the bag to feed the chickens. He can’t afford to pay you back, so he gives you one of his chickens. Now that you have the chicken, go back to the right side of the bridge and release the chicken. The man whose fleas were just eaten by your chicken, gives you a special candle. Go to the top of the hill, on the right, and enter the Governors House. Once you enter the house, use the ‘Special Candle’ and speak with the Governor. Now that you have your orders, go back to the ‘Main Street’ and climb up the wood area.

Now when you reach the top, there should be a telescope. Look through it, and search all the way to the left and signal the boat. Now, climb aboard matey, and set sails for Parrot Port, which is to the right of Fort Ridley (Your current location).

Parrot Party Time

When you land on Parrot Port, talk to the Parrot. Then run back into the water and jump on top of the trading post, you’ll see the parrot.

SG 3

Now, jump across the Straw Roof and jump along over to the Pub, then stand on the vent and run to the right. You’ll see him again on some trees, talk to him again and then go inside the Pub.


Go to the second floor and on the left, pick up the cracker on the ground, now leave again. Run to the right, passed the trading post, and climb up the tower to talk to the pirate. After you talk to him, jump down and use the cracker. Then go back to the pirate. You got the map piece! Now you can leave Parrot Port.

Harbor of Gold

Head down on the map, to the Island that looks nearly-directly under Parrot Port. 😛 It’s Golden Harbor. (Watch for the rocks, they’ll kinda trash the boat… And before you dock, see if you can pick up floating loot) When you dock, run to the right, and trade the most expensive things in, and then buy as much of the cheapest item you can.  Walk to the right a little more and you’ll see a small carving, you need to click on the lamps to get the next piece of the map. Here’s the order you need to click on the 5 lamps:

poptropica si 2

Now, you can leave again. Head all the way to the left of the map, and land here:

SG 6

A Pirate Place

Now, at the trading post, do the exact same thing you did before, sell the most expensive stuff, buy the cheapest. Then, go over to the left and jump up a little bit, and push the ‘Danger Explosives’ barrel down under the giant skull-face rock. Now, go all the way to the top where the Cannonry is, and climb the building. Get the Cannon Starter Kit that’s under the flag. And then go down to the cannon that is straight to the left of where you put the explosives.

SG 7

Now click on that cannon, and then it should hit the explosives. Where the piece of gold was lodged in the Skull-Face’s mouth, there’s the next map piece. Grab it and go to the next outpost.

The Cove of the Dragon

When you land at Dragon’s Cove, go trade again, and then go down to the bottom right. When you see the old guy on a crate, get on the left side of him and push him to the right of the bell (just in front of the first barrel is good). Now, run back to where the old guy was, and then jump on the stone dragon’s head. Get the stick on the stone next to you. Jump up to the bell, and use the stick 🙂

SG 8

And you get the next map piece! AWESOME! One more to go! So leave Dragon’s Cove and then head for the next outpost of the semi-circle, Bouffant Bay.

Bouffant Bay

When you land on this outpost, go to the right, where the hanging plants are. Jump up and hit the 3rd plant, the 1st plant, and then the 2nd to get the map piece.

poptropica si 1

Now you have all of the map pieces, but you can’t go to Skullduggery yet! You need to get the best ship, and have all of your crew. So, go from post to post trading, but don’t buy on Parrot Port, they’re too expensive.

Trading Areas/Advice

  • Golden Harbor – Sell
  • Pirate Outpost – Sell
  • Dragon Cove – Sell all expensive salvage – Buy
  • Bouffant Bay – Sell silk – Buy medicine
  • Parrot Port – Sell medicine – Buy nothing

Boat Upgrade Prices

  • Jimmy Rigger – 3,000 Doubloons
  • Clarabelle – 9,000 Doubloons
  • Sea Sultan – 30,000 Doubloons
  • The Koi – 90,000 Doubloons
  • Steaming Fury – 300,000 Doubloons
  • Phoenix Warbird – 1,000,000 Doubloons

(You get a very small discount for trade-ins.)


  • Cook (Default)
  • Cabin Boy (Default)
  • Cargo Master (Found in  Bouffant Bay, gives extra cargo space, EXP. 20 space -> 30 space) – 15,000 doubloons
  • Navigator (Found in Parrot Port, increases Ship Speed) – 12,000 doubloons
  • Cannoneer (Found in Pirate Outpost, loads cannons quicker) – 20,000 doubloons
  • Shipwright (Found in Dragon Cove, repairs ship without docking.) – 20,000 doubloons

Boss Battle

Time to beat Captain Crawfish, it’s a little tricky, but you just need to know what to do. So, here’s what to do:  Sail around Skullduggery, where most of the pirates hang out, and then when you see Captain Crawfish, fire at him until about a fifth of his ship’s life is gone. Then turn, and crash into him head-on. Both ships will start losing life rapidly. This works, but you should also keep shooting at him non-stop to make sure he loses before you.   Once you have defeated Captain Crawfish, go back to Fort Ridley. Go all the way to the Governor’s House, and then back to Skullduggery with your shovel. Now, land on Skullduggery Island, take six steps away from the black flag, and dig. Then Captain Crawfish will appear. Your crew will beat him, he’ll stay, and you’ll get your Medallion! Congrats! You’ve completed Skullduggery Island! 😀

poptropica si medal

Written By: Namless UnDEFiNed

Illustrated By: Nameless UnDEFiNed

(See the original here)


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