Strange Stories

ATP page strange stories

Want to laugh so hard your sides hurt? Want to only need the edge of your seat? Well you should go pick up a book! The stories on the ATP aren’t like other stories. They’re… strange. Some might be funny, some might be suspenseful, but remember – most of these are from the mind of Spotted Dragon. What did you think it was going to be like? 😛

ATP’s Strange Stories

Creator’s Comics


3 thoughts on “Strange Stories

  1. Hey SD, I have a (It’s a Mini-Series, but the way I designed the Poster, it’s more like a movie 😛 ) Story, it’s Poptropica and Adventure Time, so I dunno where else to ask… Could I maybe write it for ATP? Since it’s kinda like… The perfect place for it 😛

    • Hmm… clashing Pop and AT in a story sounds really cool! Although we usually just put stories from authors up on the site (SF used to be an author, so that’s why her story is up, just in case you were wondering). I will have to think about it, but if you put it on the Fandom Universe, I can’t wait to read it! 😉

    • I might, I need to talk to CS first, since most of what I post is Poptropica Related, and she doesn’t want people thinking it’s a Poptropica Blog only.

      But thanks for the reply, the info does help.

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