Episode 2

The bear groaned before falling to the ground. The man chuckled to himself, the end of his gun still smoking. With all of his energy, he dumped the creature onto his green camo helicopter. Turning the key, the engine rumbled, and the man headed back to his home.


Entering the keycode, the man stepped back into the mansion. The aroma of beef stew filled the air.

“Welcome back, Myron.” A woman’s voice said. She was facing away from him, preparing a meal. She turned around and smiled at him, stained cleaver in hand. Her hair and face were full with grease and oil.

“Thank you, Edith.” he replied. “Where’s the little bugger?”

“I think I saw him in the trophy room again.” Edith winked.


Myron heard a little voice yell, “Blam!” before he opened the room. There his son was, plastic gun in hand, pretending to hunt down an elephant. Myron chuckled. He was so proud of his boy. When he adopted him 3 years ago, just at the age of 5, he loved caring for him. He tapped his son’s shoulder.

“I’ve got a surprise for ya, Jon.”


Max needed to find his plane. He knew it was around the forest somewhere. Thinking back to where he was when the crash happened, he remembered that old order he had of all those lemons. Something about making smoothies for a town called Easton, or something like that. Then, the call was suddenly canceled. Max still didn’t know why. But, that didn’t matter now. What mattered is that he still had lemons, at least some food for him to eat. He just needed to find them.


Myron opened the hatch, and the bear’s body came tumbling out. Jon’s eyes light up.

“A bear!” he exclaimed. “I know just where to put it.”

After it was taxidermied, Jon and Myron dragged the new addition to the front hall.

“You’ve finally caught the most dangerous creature, dad!” Jon said.

“Not quite yet, boy. There’s still… something else… I need to hunt.”

Jon gleamed. “I know you’ll be able to catch it.”

Myron smiled grimly. “Anything for you, son.”


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