Silver Wolf glanced around, up and down the aisle, and finally at the ring. “You guys need to behave,” she said to the two twelve-year-olds, both of whom were laden down with candy, chips and other assorted snacks. “Sleepy would kill me if anything happened, especially to you, Golden.”

Golden Feather laughed, playing with her hair. Despite being younger than Silver’s best friend Sleepy, she acted a lot older, and didn’t seem satisfied with being a kid. “Chill, Silver,” she said calmly. “We’ll be on our best behavior, right, Crazy?”

She nudged her best friend Crazy Tiger, who sat in the seat beside her. “Oh, yeah. Best behavior. Totally,” he said, shoveling some caramel popcorn into his mouth.

Golden looked condescendingly at her friend, but said nothing. As far as Silver knew, they’d been friends for years, and despite the fact that Crazy was so much more immature than Golden was, they were still best friends. It was the only plausible reason why someone as shrewd and responsible as youthful and juvenile as Crazy.

“See, Silver?” Golden said, smiling. “We won’t do anything wrong.”

Silver relaxed in her seat. “Fine. But remember to behave, or you won’t be able to come here again.”

“No problem,” Golden said confidently.

Silver felt a buzz in her pocket and pulled out her cellphone. 1 new message read the screen. She clicked on it and read the message – it was from Spotted Dragon, her other best friend. CARNIVAL DANGEROUS. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. Silver laughed – Spots was her best friend, but she could be seriously paranoid sometimes, and this was one of them.

She shot back a reply: Don’t be paranoid. We’ll be fine.

Then she sat back to enjoy the show. But Spots’ text message couldn’t help but worry her, and there was a nagging feeling in her mind that told her that something was wrong. But what was?

The show started. A pair of clowns rushed into the ring and began throwing pies, juggling, making funny faces – you know, textbook clown stuff. Silver was bored, and hoped that the show didn’t go on like this.

Then the clowns left. “Isn’t the show so good, Silver?” Crazy yelled over the crowd. Silver nodded, not really meaning it.

A tall, thin, pale man walked into the ring. Silver stared. His face looked so familiar, but she couldn’t figure out who he looked like.

“Are you having fun?” the man yelled.

“Yes we are!” the children watching screamed back.

“Good!” the man replied. “Ready to see the carnival?”

“Yes we are!” the children answered. Silver leaned back, trying to figure out who the man looked like. He looked so familiar…

Just then, the phone rang. “Hello?” Silver asked, putting it to her ear.

“Silver. You have to get out of there,” said Spots’ voice urgently. “The Ringmaster is dangerous! He’s my – ” The phone cut off.

“Hello?” Silver asked. Understanding that this wasn’t one of Spots’ stories, she got up and shook Golden and Crazy. “Get up, you two. We’re going.”

“But we’re just getting to the good bit!” Crazy protested.

“Tough luck. No arguing. We have to go, now,” Silver replied, pulling Golden to her feet.

Golden huffed. “Fine. But we have to go out again in two weeks.”

“Sure,” Silver said. The two kids followed her to the entrance, but they were cut off by a burly man in a black shirt.

“Where are you going, then?” the man said, grabbing her and holding her up by her collar. Silver realized that she’d been led into a trap, and tried to back away.

Behind her, she heard a scream. Golden had been dragged off into the ring. “Silver!” she yelled. “Silver!”

Silver turned to see a horrible sight in the ring. An army of strange monsters ran havoc, breaking the seats and biting the spectators. Some tried to run, but were grabbed and attacked by the monsters. “Golden!” she yelled. “Crazy!”

The man held on to her arm. “The boss will want to deal with you…separately…” he said to her, pulling her off.

Silver shivered in fear. What did the Ringmaster have in store for her?

I should have left when Spots told me to, she thought as the man shoved her into a small room. She could still hear the screams of people devoured by the monsters. It was a horrible sound. Did Spots know the Ringmaster? Then it hit her. She knew who the Ringmaster reminded her of. It was so obvious – Silver was shocked that she hadn’t realized it before.

The Ringmaster reminded her so much of Spotted Dragon.

Written By: Sleepy Feather


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    • In Chapter 1. Which is the next chapter. And you’ll probably disappear until Monster Carnival appears.

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