The Spotted Show

ATP The Spotted Show

Hey spotted peeps! Here are all the episodes of… The Spotted Show, with your host… Spotted Dragon! In the Spotted Show, SD interviews many famous Poptropicans, famous Adventurers and some Poptropicans & Adventurers that comment on the ATP! Hope you like it!

Season 1


20 thoughts on “The Spotted Show

    • You’ve already asked me and I have replied. I’m sorry I can’t always reply right away, I’m just not always online. Thanks for understanding! 😉

    • Well, it’s hard to explain, but actually easy to do. 🙂

      1. Take a picture of the first Poptropican in the place you want.
      2. Take another pic of your other Poptropican in that same place, but not exactly where the first Poptropican was.
      3. Crop the first picture to the size you want.
      4. Take your second picture, crop it to just the Poptropican, then copy & paste it to the first picture and line it up.

      I switch between 2 programs. I use Paint and Fireworks (Fireworks is better). So you need some type of picture editing program to do this.

  1. can you interview me? Oh,yeah,and can I be an Adventure Time author or editor?or Poptropica and Adventure Time,but I would be better at,its my FAVORITE show!

    • I’m sorry, but I’m not going to interview you at the moment and the ATP isn’t looking for any authors right now. Maybe in the future. 😉
      I’m very sorry, but I can’t just interview someone random. 😦 No offense.

    • Its offense taken.and what do you mean by “Famous”?I dont get it.I asked to be interviewed because i blog about Poptropica,not that Its a good blog like the ATP,or the PHB,but yeah, I dont get it.PS:If i am ever an author,I will not post about poptropica,just AT.;)

    • Well… by famous I mean… like the people who Magic Star interviews in her chat show. For example Wizard Spellmore, who starred in Harry Poptropica and the Prisoner of Astro-Knights.
      Although people like Slanted Fish, Brave Tomato, and Fuzzy-B would also be considered popular. 🙂

      I normally interview people that have done something interesting, or unique. I interviewed Magic Star because she came up with the chat show idea in the first place. And the person I’m interviewing next came up with _______. 😉

    • Harry Poptropica is Poptropica’s version of Harry Potter. So Harry Poptropica and the Prisoners of Astro-Knights is Poptropica’s version of “Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban.” 🙂
      Also, you’re not being annoying at all! Don’t worry!

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