Triumphant Tribes

ATP page triumphant tribes

There are 8 Tribes in Poptropica. They were originally formed on Poptropolis Games Island for competing, but the island has sunk back into the sea once again. Still, Poptropicans can choose their tribe and have fun with each other in their very own Common Room.

Poptropica Tribes

Tribe Logos

Each Tribe has their own logo and color.

Flying Squid

Tribes - Flying Squid

Colors: Green & Black


Tribes - Wildfire

Colors: Red & Orange


Tribes - Yellowjackets

Colors: Yellow & Black


Tribes - Pathfinders

Colors: Blue & Yellow

Black Flags

Tribes - Black Flags

Colors: Black & White


Tribes - Nightcrawlers

Colors: Blue (Purple-ish) & White


Tribes - Seraphim

Colors: Gold & Black


Tribes - Nanobots

Color: Red & Black

How to Choose Your Tribe

Tribes used to be chosen at the beginning of Poptropolis Games Island, but they are now a part of your Friend’s Page. Even now, choosing your tribe is easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps! πŸ˜‰

1. Once on Poptropica, go to your Friends Page. Make sure you are on your Poptropican’s Page, not one of your friends. Then, locate the tribes icon.

ATP other - tribes - how to choose step 1

2. Click on it and choose the tribe that you want to be in. Make sure to choose wisely, but don’t worry! You can always pick a different tribe later if you change your mind. After you thought it over, just click on the tribe you want.

ATP other - tribes - how to choose step 2

3. Now you are a part of that tribe! Go visit your unique tribe Common Room!

ATP other - tribes - how to choose step 3

How to Find Your Common Room

Each Tribe has it’s own unique Common Room or HQ (Head-Quarters). Different tribes have different rooms, but all of them are cool and fun. Here’s how to join them in just 3 simple steps! πŸ˜‰

1. Once you are on Poptropica, go to your Friends Page and locate the Tribes Tab at the top.

Common Room step 1

2. Click on the tab. Then, click “Join The Common Room” to join!

Common Room step 2

3. Now battle, chat, and friend all the people in your tribe!


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