Tribes - Pathfinders

Feeling lost? There’s only one route to the gold medal, and this tribe thinks they know which way to go. Maybe you’ll help them get there!

Colors: Blue & Yellow

Common Room

The Pathfinder Common Room is a Pathfinder’s favorite place to be… A Library! The top floor is a nice place to sit and read, while gazing out the window or at the many objects placed carefully behind the safety of glass. But if you dare to venture down deep into the middle and bottom floor, you can discover many interesting artifacts. You will find a glass skull, which will open it’s mouth if touched, like it wants to yell. Or, if you’re sweating from all this excitement, cool off by getting sprayed with water from the glowing fountain. If you are a type of Poptropican who enjoys the shiny things in life, then take a look at the worlds largest pink diamond, that spins around in any direction you choose. Or, if you’re an animal Poptropican, stare at the large Egyptian cat. Although, you shouldn’t touch it because you probably don’t want to get sand in your pants. However, if you do dare touch it, you might get a glimpse of it’s eye. There is more of course… But, if your not in this tribe, don’t even think to step foot in their mapped-out territory. Instead, become jealous and look at what you’re missing:

Common Room - Pathfinders 1

Common Room - Pathfinders 2

Common Room - Pathfinders 3


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