Concept Art, Ghost Fly, Many Faces of Marcy, Plus More (AT & Pop Info)

Hey guys! This post is going to include both Adventure Time and Poptropica information.

Anyway, some recent concept art has been released, so here it is!

The first image shows some monkey ruins. What this means, I am not sure, but it may relate to the Jorge & Oliver/monkey sneak peek that we previously took a look at. The second images is art for an abandoned island idea, entitled Racer Island.

As you may have noticed, Poptropica has been tweeting a lot recently and it has began to worry some viewers. This is because some links that the Creators have tried giving shout outs to contain inappropriate language, topics, etc. and most Poptropicans are fairly young. Of course the Creators have been informed of this issue and have taken note of it.

I have also discovered the name for Arabian Nights Island Episode 2, which is The 40 Thieves. Therefore, we can expect Arabian Nights Episode 2 to be coming out… soonish.

arab name

Yep, that’s it Poptropica wise. On to the adventures! 🙂

ghost fly image

Ghost Fly Sneak Peek

It has been an extremely long time since the last Adventure Time episodes, but that ends now! Today, (Tuesday, October 28) there was a new episode called Ghost Fly. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that it is about a fly that begins to haunt the tree house due to some unfinished business. In my opinion, it isn’t one of the best episodes, but it totally has some funny moments. 😉

However, I want to note that new episodes usually come out on Thursdays, but this one came out on a Tuesday. Could Cartoon Network be changing the air dates? Hopefully there will be some clarification soon.

Other upcoming episodes include “Evergreen,” “The Mountain,” and “Jake the Brick.” Sadly, no dates have been confirmed.

In other news, here are the many faces of Marcy that Cartoon Network wanted to share, just for something fun.

I think my favorite is Young Marcy. That’s all for now, so which Marcy look is your favorite?