Fat Cat & Alien Wishes – Plus More!

Hey guys! More Twitter updates, like usual. First up, we thought that Arabian Nights was going to come out for members yesterday, but it did not. Apparently, it will now come out for members on December 11 and for everyone on December 30. In the meantime, be sure to check out this behind the scenes look at the episode, including a theory, that I helped to write. 😉

Looks like “The Lair of Thieves” will be the last episode/island to come out in 2014. Which reminds me of two things… One, the ATP’s birthday is coming up… hmmm… Two, it’s time to print out your Poptropica Holiday Wishlist!

wish list

Let’s see… I want… everything of course! 😀 If what you want isn’t on here, be sure to check out our merchandise pages for practically all of your AT/Pop/ATP wants/needs!

In other news, Pop Storm 7 was recently released. This one depicts some purr-fect kittens. Well, some might say purr-fect, but to be honest they might wanna go on a diet. 😛

popstrom 7

Also, now that the Poptropica Comic series is over for this year, there is now a Poptropica Comics App, available in the App Store!

poptropica comics app

Awesome timing, since the Poptropica App itself is finally available for Android devices.

Hmmm… I wonder how the Creators come up with all these wonderful ideas…

google hangout

Oh right… that’s how. XD The Creators recently posted this picture of themselves in a Google Hangout, discussing Common Rooms. Very professional guys. *slow clap* We aren’t exactly sure who is a part of the chat, but we do know “Chris” and “Jeff” (Kinney?) are.

*cough* Anyway… remember how Galactic Hot Dogs is going to soon become an island? Well, the Creators would like some input on one of their designs.

GHD monster eyes

I personally think the Poptropican eyes would look better. I rather see the GHD characters in Poptropica form, for a fresh look. Comment below or go to their post to express your opinions! 🙂



Shrink Ray, Arabian Info, Tweets, and more

Hello everyone! This is a huge post about a bunch of updates, so enjoy!

First of all, Shrink Ray Island has been updated to a SUI (Sound Updated Island), and re-released to members! (Non-members can play a demo)


On the Arabian Nights Tour page, info about the second episode is now out! The episode is called Lair of Thieves. Here is the synopsis: ” In the den of the forty thieves, danger lurks around every corner. To outwit the most dangerous thieves in the desert, you’ll need a little help evening the odds – and you’ll find it in the form of an incredible magic power! ”

Sounds cool! 😀

In other news, the Poptropica App is now available on Android devices!


Sadly, the Poptropica Comics for this year have come to an end, but don’t worry, you can read all of this year’s comics in the Daily Pop on Poptropica. The Poptropica Creators also said that Oliver and Jorge will be back for more adventures in 2015. 🙂


Speaking of the Daily Pop, there are plenty of sneak peeks that hint to upcoming episodes of Arabian Nights, Poptropicon, and even the not-yet-announced Galactic Hot Dogs Island.

Here are some sneak peeks that I think are connected to these upcoming stories…

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AT Season 4 DVD

Hey guys! Quick Adventure Time update; The Season 4 DVD is here!

As you can tell from the video, the DVD includes 26 episodes/commentaries, and behind the scenes music treats. In came out October 7 and you can get it at Amazon now. Can’t wait for shipping, huh? Well here is a behind the scenes look at the DVD! Note that it is an entire playlist. 😉

…I need this… I can’t believe I only have Season 1 and 2… *cough* Anyway…

You may know that New York ComicCon has recently been up, so I found some sneak peeks of upcoming episodes that were featured at the event!

It has been so long since the last episode… I can’t wait! 😀

cardIn other news, from now until Novemember 1, you can get three spooky Cartoon Network apps for $4.99 (40% off original price). Of course, you’ll get credited for any of the apps you’ve already purchased.

These apps include Card Wars and Ski Safari. The other one is called Ghost Toasters, but it is a Regular Show themed game.

Happy early Halloween! And may the odds of getting full sized candy bars be ever in your favor. 😛


Some AdvIce, a Battle Party Leaderboard, and Snake Jake

It’s been a while since we’ve had a big Adventure Time post, so here it goes.

First off, Ice King has some more AdvIce for aspiring authors, people with growing headaches, and just people in general.

  • February 2, 2014 7:10:11 PM
    Dear AdvIce King,
    How do I write amazing fan fiction like you?
  • September 10, 2014 2:00:00 PMAdvIce King
    Dear Z Knight,
    Sorry to burst your sparkly bubble, but you can’t! I’m the greatest fan fiction writer of our generation—probably of all time. I mean, have you read Fionna and Cake?adventuretime_IKwithFCstatues

    My secret is passion. I wrote characters so amazingly that I ended up falling in love with them. I’ll find a way to bring them to life one day. I promise! Also, good penmanship. It’s important, too.

  • January 8, 2014 7:00:25 PM
    Dear AdvIce King,
    How do get rid of my headache?
  • September 10, 2014 2:00:00 PMAdvIce King
    Majestasaurus Rex
    You think YOU’VE got headache problems? Try having your nose punched in by Finn and Jake on the regular. I mean, that stings!adventuretime_finnpunchIK

    Not to mention my stanky, old wizard eyes! It’s like crazy, crazy, crazy in your face all the time.


    It’s a wonder I can even get out of bed in the morning. For the toughest headaches, I recommend applying a large block of ice to your face for 8-10 hours a day.

  • March 11, 2014 11:17:57 AM
    Dear AdvIce King,
    How do I become a better person?
  • September 10, 2014 2:00:00 PMAdvIce King
    Dear Non Ninja,
    Bettering yourself is overrated. You’re probably pretty good already.

Well… Ice King has some good advice from time to time, but I wouldn’t rely on him too much. 😛

Now, you may have heard of the Adventure Time Battle Party and possibly the Tournament that has been going on. Well, a leader board has been added to the game to show the top players.


Do like to party it up in these battles? Or is this game just not your fancy? Well, you can always try out Cartoon Network’s newest app instead, called Treasure Fetch!

It is basically an adventurous version of a classic snake game.

Finn and Jake are on a mission to fetch all the treasure they can! Eat apples to make Jake grow, but don’t run into your own tail. Stretch across the Grass Lands, Candy Kingdom, and Ice Kingdom to collect every last coin!

Well, I’m sad to say that that’s it for now. Yep, still no new episode, even though it’s been weeks… 😦


A Shout-out, a Train Station, a Derpy Moment, and a Home Sweet Home

Hey everyone! I’m here to bring you a little Poptropica update, mainly from the Creators’ Twitter feed.

First off, Adventure Time Pop got a cool shout-out from the Creators! Nothing too huge, but thanks Creators! It mean a lot! 😀

twitter 1

Next we have another amazing PopLand creation! This one is a train station by Skinny Sponge. (the image is not of high quality, click to enlarge)


There was also another Pop themed vine video up. Click here to watch it. #Derp

To wrap it up, Poptricka has discovered that the Poptropica app will soon have a Store! It seems to be like a “Home base” for you Poptropican. Some Daily Pops and pictures relating to in are included below.

The Bundles Shop from above is basically the store where you can buy various gold cards. The New You shop is basically a barber shop where you can customize your character. The main street looking picture includes a blue box, which is where the logo of the last island you visited will be. We do not know if these options will cost real money or not yet.

That’s all for now! 😉


P.S. Cosmoe, from recent Galactic Hot Dogs ads may be seen on Early Poptropica’s Main Street.


“Landing” at Comic-Con: Sneak Peeks, Songs, Upcoming Apps, & More!

Whoa… did you feel that? Twas if the very earth began to shake! And on that note…

The next version of Poptropica Land is coming next week, exclusively for members. It will still be an alpha, but it was rebuilt based on our feedback, so it should have a whole lot more awesome in store for us! 🙂

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Mission Atlantis & iPads for all!

The next island in Poptropica will be… Mission Atlantis!

There is no Info Page up yet, so we can’t say much about what’s going to happen, what’s special about it, etc. However, from it’s title and video, it looks like we’ll be discovering Atlantis! It also looks like we’re going to crash at the bottom of the ocean… XD

I have to say I’m not sure how I feel about the episodes for the islands. Survival (Episode 1) was okay, but there wasn’t much to it and Episode 2 is coming out later than I expected. What do you guys think?

Anyway, we finally concluded the rumors about there being an iPad handheld item.

ipad 1

If you find this video ad, watch it and you’ll receive the iPad handheld item! Sadly the ad seems to be hard to find for a lot of people. I found it on Time Tangled Island, so you could try looking there.

When you get the item, you can also press space bar to throw out a small object with the Disney Infinity logo on it. After it lands, there is white smoke and a Disney character figurine appears. Strange… It seems like Poptropica is advertising new Disney Infinity characters?

ipad 2 ipad 3


Also, on the Survival Island Info Page, it looks like the Poptropica app is coming out for Android devices really soon! 😀

survival info


Now Available: App & Wind Power

Yay! The new Poptropica iPad app is now out! Download it now! 😀

But did you see the video at 0:25? It looks like it’s from some Daily Pops…

daily pop 1

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.

daily pop 2

Tower of Power
We can see our house from here.


daily pop 3

Float On
All right, ready!

We don’t know what this island is yet, but it seems like it will be coming soon. I doubt it will be a part of Survival Island. A lot of skeptics have considered that the images may before a “Rescue Balloon Boy Island,” as heard of in Mocktropica Island. If you notice, what looks like a piece of gold is seen in the video and the first two images. “Sky Pirate Island” has also been considered, but I don’t think that will come true, considering Skullduggery was already a pirate themed island. What do you have to say about the… floating island. 😉

Okay, the Wind Power Members Only item is out now as well. When you use it, your screen will become windy while white dots fly across your screen. It kinda looks like snow. 😛

wind power

In my opinion, it’s kinda lame. I was expecting more. 😦


Poptropica on the Road

If you haven’t heard… Poptropica is coming to your iPad! Whoo! 😀

Yep, Poptropica is soon going to be a real mobile app. The actual Poptropica game, unlike Forgotten Islands. When the app first comes out, you will be able to play Time Tangled and 24 Carrot. The SUI version of them. However, don’t worry; the other islands will be soon to come as well, updated and all.

Have fun! 🙂


Floop the Pig!!!

Remember that episode of Adventure Time? Card Wars? Everyone totally freaked out and wanted to play the game! Well, sadly it’s not an actual board game, but, I think watch Cartoon Network has to offer will suffice. Click here for more info and the video trailer for… the actual Card Wars App!!!

It costs $3.99, but there are also in-app purchases. I have not bought the app (yet?), so I can’t really give my opinion. I can say this though; it looks awesome! 😀

If you don’t want to waste your money, or are having trouble deciding whether to get it or not, I found this video that walks you through the game and tells you how to play. Of course, there are spoilers because it is similar to a walk through.

Have fun! And remember; Floop the Pig! 😉