April Fools: 2015

Hey guys! If you didn’t notice, the ATP has been in “unavailable” mode for a while. It wasn’t much, but we still wanted to mess with your brain. If you visited the ATP any time around April 1st, you would have been brought to an unavailable page with unavailable images.

Well, all of that it cleared up now! I know, I know, it wasn’t the best “prank” but I think everyone was just having too much fun the the PHB’s April Fools Day Prank! < Go to their post for more info on the fun.

Like always, the Poptropica Creators got in on the fun too!

Poptropica: The Text Adventure!

This is the Poptropica experience boiled down to its essence. We’ve got the convoluted plot lines and three-part dialogue trees you love, without all of that annoying art, music, and animation. Just check out these world-exclusive screenshots!

Poptropica: The Text Adventure includes classic Island setups, with the kinds of deep characterizations and rich storytelling premises that you’ve come to expect.

Brain-bending puzzles? We’ve got ’em!

We couldn’t call it Poptropica without some truly epic boss fights.

And, of course, we haven’t forgotten about ads!

Available on both 3½” and 5¼” floppy disc, Poptropica: The Text Adventure is compatible with all leading desktop computer platforms, including Commodore 64, TRS-80, and Apple IIe. Coming soon!

Did you fall for their Poptropica Text Adventure?



Happy April Foolz!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody knows that whole MFB thing was a prank. I know it was lame, but I just wanted to play along. But hey! The PHB put a lot of thought into it and it was pretty impressive! To be honest, until I saw their post, I completely forgot about April Foolz (And yes, I like to spell it with a z). I’m still on Spring Break, so when you’re sleeping most of the day, you don’t really notice. 😛

Anyway, did anyone do something funny yesterday? Share in the comments!