Happy 8th Birthday Poptropica!

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EDIT: You can now get the 8th Birthday Balloon in the Poptropica Store! You can also visit any Common Room to find another 8th B-day Balloon! Once found, click it to pop it and you will earn the an item that allows you to hold/throw cake and turn Poptropicans into pigs.

pop balloon


Yep, it’s that time of year! September marks the birth-month of our favorite online game. This year, Poptropica is turning 8 years old, which makes me feel like an old lady. πŸ˜›

pop bday

To celebrate this amazing occasion, you can now get an 8th Birthday Balloon on the Poptropica app, which will also soon be available in the online version soon. However, if you already have the Balloons item card, you can get the 8th b-day balloon online right now! πŸ™‚


To make the month even better, a World Champions Live Map is going to be put up for Early Poptropica Island! So go play now!!! The Creators will let us know as soon as the map is up. Plus, if you’re new to Poptropica, you can earn 200 credits when you first complete the island.

Meanwhile, PHB author Slippery Raptor created what he wanted to be the 8th Birthday Costume and HPuterepop made a slightly edited version.

No matter what prizes we get this month, I’m just glad Poptropica had been around this long. It would have never been this successful without its AMAZING fan base. The game may be targeted for younger kids, but I have met many awesome Poptropicans and am super grateful for our little community. So… HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPTROPICA!!!


ATP Birthday (Christmas) Party!!!

ATP party 5

Hey guys! The time has come! On December 30, 2012 I made the first post here on Adventure Time Pop. The site wasn’t much back then, but thanks to you guys, we currently have over 63,000 hits! Seriously, it means a lot. I also want to thank my awesome authors. I can’t do much to show how thankful I am, so throwing parties and making posts is the least I can do. πŸ˜›

Anyway, as you can see in the image above, we are having a birthday party on Saturday, December 27 at 7:30pm EST! We will be chatting on Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans’ Xat (thanks Wolfy!), playing games on a Poptropica Multiverse (it will be created during the party), and listening to music on our very own Plug.DJ room. Xat is free for all, there is no need to make an account. On Plug.DJ, you do need to make an account, but it is also free. Of course, this will also be a Christmas/New Years themed party as well.

Everyone is invited, so we really hope you can make it! πŸ˜€

Happy holidays!


Comics, 99 Cent Apps, & Birthdays

Comics, Apps, and Birthday Parties. What could get better?Β Let’s recap all these important details that makes Poptropica, well, Poptropica β€” a game full of surprises and plain amazingness.

Poptropica Comics, Week 21

It’s hard to believe that Poptropica Comics has gone on for over 5 months. That’s 147 days! Here’s issue 21, in a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue – 99 cents

Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue is the third and last part of the Mission Atlantis Island series to be released to the public. Out of the Blue has been added to Poptropica’s iOS App, but for a price of U.S.$0.99. Hopefully all the other islands won’t cost 99 cents due to sheer money’s sake, but then again, if we want Poptropica to stay mostly free, some things have to have a cost. πŸ˜› Although, online, Poptropica is still totally free!

You’re on the verge of the greatest discovery in human history β€” but an ancient intelligence has other plans.

Poptropica Birthday Costume

Poptropica’s going to make you work for the 7th Birthday Limited Edition Poptropica Gold Card, something that can’t be bought, traded, or customized from other players. Instead, you have to pop a specialized birthday balloon in a Poptropica Common Room! Not only do you get to commemorate Poptropica’ 7th Birthday forever with your Backpack, but you can also show it off to other Poptropicans in the Common Rooms and be the “poppiest of Poptropicans“! Remember it’s a Limited Edition costume, so start popping Poptropica’sΒ special 7 Balloon to win your prize! Also, as Black Widow mentions, a brand-new common room may be released to Poptropica very soon. Maybe a new island? Or what about a new Multiverse Room? Is Arabian Nights Island being released sooner than expected? Tell us your theories in the comments!

~SW out, being as Poptropican as her Poptropican can be

After Party Recap!

party 3 recap

I want to thank everyone who showed up at the ATP’s birthday party and after party. I had a blast! πŸ™‚

There were a few arguments, but we quickly settled them. We played a few rounds of doodle race, thanks to Bulldog who had the power to do so. In DR we had to draw things like, a beach, a robot, Finn Ice King, and Marceline. It was a lot of fun, even though everyone soon realized, if they hadn’t before, that pretty much none of us could draw on a computer. Then we of course had to play plain Pictionary for a while and that was also fun. Nothing much took place in the Poptropica Common Room, that was basically deserted. Some of you learned that kangaroos can’t jump backwards and bears can’t run downhill (thanks to yours truly πŸ˜‰ ). Finally, towards the end of the party we all signed a glorious picture representing the people who came (and I suppose some of our last 2013 moments). Sadly, some people left early, so we signed for them. Sorry to anyone who didn’t get to sign.

I’m sorry to anyone who missed out. The plans were on extremely short notice. I also want to thank everyone who understood my absence at the original party.

Well, that’s the end of 2013 for ya! A bunch of blogging nerds in an online room (take this as a complement). πŸ˜›

Happy 2014 everyone! Party on! πŸ˜€



Hello everyone. I know that the ATP party was at 8pm EST tonight and I missed it. I was EXTREMELY busy doing a ton of family stuff tonight and I completely forgot in all the chaos. I am VERY sorry if I cause any of you to worry about me. I am VERY angry at myself right now for not being able to make time for our big event. It was a once in a life time thing and I am beyond ashamed. I’m going to talk to my authors and hopefully schedule an… after party. I want to thank everyone that still came to what was suppose to be our party. I can not express how angry and sorry I am right now. What happened tonight has made me feel really guilty and I can not apologise enough. Thank you to all of my AMAZING viewers. I don’t know what I’d do without everyone’s support. πŸ˜₯

Well… Happy birthday ATP. 😦


ATP’s 1st Birthday!!!

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As you probably saw on our sidebar, the ATP’s 1st Birthday is coming up really soon! On the 30th to be exact! At first I thought we couldn’t have a party because Dec. 30th is a Monday. However I then realized that most of us are on Christmas/Holiday/New Year’s break! Woo! πŸ˜› So…

ATP party 3

I want to thank Silver Wolf for letting us use her blog’s Xat. We’ll probably make a Poptropica Common Room as well though. Anyway, I hope everyone can make it! πŸ˜€