Sweater Time + Game Wizard Q&A

You know what time it is? It’s sweater time! Christmas may be over, but it’s still cold outside.

And so it was decided… that once every year when the weather got chilly, that Finn, Jake, the Ice King, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Cinnamon Bun, Peppermint Butler, a candy cane man, one of the gumdrop girls, Lady Rainicorn, Lumpy Space Princess, that guy, the other guy, a pig, Tree Trunks, a two-headed duck, a booger, and Gunter… would get together while wearing really big sweaters and watch videos on the floor next to a fire… to celebrate the day when Finn and Jake had a fleeting moment of empathy for the biggest weirdo in Ooo. It was a miracle. Happy holidays,

Which sweater is your favorite? I think I like Princess Bubblegum’s the best. 🙂

at game wizard

at game wizard drawingsAnyway, we previously mentioned an upcoming Adventure Time game called Game Wizard. Well, Cartoon Network got a Q&A (Questions and Answers) with the creators of the game. Below is the first question from the interview. It’s too long to include the full interview here, but you can click here to read the whole thing.

1. What inspired you to make this game?
When we were growing up we always dreamed of one day making our own games, but didn’t know where to start, so most of our ideas started with paper and pencil and ended there. We would map out games and talk about where the enemies and the key’s would be, and then imagine playing through it – but didn’t have the tools to actually bring it to life. The inspiration for Game Wizard comes from that experience and wanting to make it real for kids today. With this game, you can come up with game ideas on paper and then turn them in to games that you can play and share with anyone.

Trust me, it’s pretty cool. I can’t wait for the game! 😛

We hope you had a great holiday!


Happy Holidays! Realms, Selfies, Comics, & More

Happy holidays from the ATP! It’s been an awesome year and you guys just make it better! 😀

Of course, the Creators want to give us a happy holiday too!

happy holidays

Hehehe, I love the GHD ship in the background.

Dr. Lange also felt the need to make a tribute to the PHB. It’s pretty impressive, so you might want to check it out!

Anyway, we also have some behind the scenes images to share. First up, “a paused project….

bts comic

Well, it looks like a comic to promote an island, such as the Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic series. For what island, I’m not sure.

Next up, a sneak peek that seems to be for the Poptropica Comic Island.

bts comic island

poptropica realmsThe red lines seem to be the platforms that we can walk on.

The Creators also shared this Poptropica Realms sneak peek (on the right).

“Just grabbed from a Poptropica Creator’s computer when she snuck out to do some shopping.”

I personally can’t wait for Poptropica Realms! 😛

Lastly, The Creators wanted to share six Poptropica selfies of 2014.

six selfies

Cute. 😛 That’s it for now! Happy holidays everyone!


ATPT Issue 3

Yep! Issue 3 of the ATPT magazine is here! Of course, this is the Christmas Issue. 🙂

Remember that this is a tabloid magazine. Everything in the magazine is completely fan made and may or may not be true, except the Top Topics article. The Top Topics article is completely serious.

The best way to view the magazine is to click and enlarge the images.

ATPT Issue 3 Page 1 ATPT Issue 3 Page 2-3 ATPT Issue 3 Page 4-5 ATPT Issue 3 Page 6

We hope you enjoyed and we hope you can make it to the party! 😀


ATP Birthday (Christmas) Party!!!

ATP party 5

Hey guys! The time has come! On December 30, 2012 I made the first post here on Adventure Time Pop. The site wasn’t much back then, but thanks to you guys, we currently have over 63,000 hits! Seriously, it means a lot. I also want to thank my awesome authors. I can’t do much to show how thankful I am, so throwing parties and making posts is the least I can do. 😛

Anyway, as you can see in the image above, we are having a birthday party on Saturday, December 27 at 7:30pm EST! We will be chatting on Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans’ Xat (thanks Wolfy!), playing games on a Poptropica Multiverse (it will be created during the party), and listening to music on our very own Plug.DJ room. Xat is free for all, there is no need to make an account. On Plug.DJ, you do need to make an account, but it is also free. Of course, this will also be a Christmas/New Years themed party as well.

Everyone is invited, so we really hope you can make it! 😀

Happy holidays!


Game Wizards, Christmas Labels, & Look-A-Likes

Hey guys! Here is that Adventure Time update I mentioned.

To start out, a new app is coming out soon! It is called Adventure Time Game Wizard and in the app… “You’ll get to draw your own Adventure Time games! Once you scan your game design into the app, it’ll transform into a super cool sketchy style.” From a young artist/fan girl’s perspective, this sounds awesome. Check out some concept art below! 😛

One of the villains in the concepts above includes the Doodle Wizard. “He’s a sketchy dude with the power to summon a scribbly army.”

Cartoon Network also has some adventurous things in store for the holidays!

So, to make your holiday experience the best time you’ve ever had, *chuckle* be sure to use these mathematical AT Gift Labels! But to be serious, I really wish I didn’t already have all of my gifts wrapped…

Lastly, Cartoon Network has recognized that their characters sometimes tend to look a like. I decided to include this, since it does include some AT characters. 😉

Haha, cute. :3

Well, that’s it! Be sure to keep a look out for the time and date of our party! 😀


What Time is it?

It’s Adventure Time! Sadly, there hasn’t been a preview for the next episode yet, so I can’t really give info on the episodes. But, there is still AT Awesomeness about! 😀

It’s Sweater Time! Create your own Adventure Time decorations with these FREE downloadable patterns. Make Finn, Jake, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, and LSP part of your holiday season! Click the images below to open the full-sized downloads.






Oh, looks like I was wrong… it’s not Adventure Time. It’s sweater time! 😛 Put a little adventure on your tree this holiday season. 😉

Bring Adventure Time home this holiday season with toys, games, and figures! Throw down in Adventure Time MONOPOLY ® and Adventure Time Memory, or create your own adventures with plush toys and vinyl figures of Finn and Jake from Funko! Don’t forget your most important adventure accessories: a sword and awesome hat. Get the 24″ Finn Sword and help Finn slay evil in the land of Ooo. Check out the full list of items below!





Which Adventure Time toy do you want most?

Well, I’m pretty sure we already have the Monopoly Game, vinyl figures, & Memory Game on the Merchandise Page, but I’ve never seen the sword & mask before. Is it just me, or is the mask kinda creepy? 😯 The sword looks pretty math though.

Adventure Time has a new game, and it’s flippin’ awesome! Shred the slopes of Ooo on Finn’s butt in Ski Safari Adventure Time! There’s a nasty avalanche chasing after Finn. Luckily, his friends are here to help. Hop on Jake, take a ride on Rainicorn, grab a hold of Marceline, or hitch a ride on a wild animal (penguins are faster than you’d think).



Ski Safari Adventure Time is available for your mobile device. MSG and Data rates may apply. You must be 18 years or older or have permission from a parent or guardian.

Cool! A new app! For all you Tablet/iPod/iPad/Etc. lovers, this is your lucky day.

Merry Christmas (or Hanukkah or whatever) from the ATP, Poptropica, and Adventure Time! 🙂


P.S. It’s Poptropica Tips for Poptropican‘s 1 year anniversary/birthday! The PTFP is one of our sponsoring blogs and is owned by Silver Wolf. They’re having a party, so go check it out here! I guess it’s party time now, not sweater time or Adventure Time. 😛