Fixed a Date – Boy Style Clothes

Hey everyone! I’m back! 😀 I’m really glad you liked our magazine. I’ll probably make it for special occasions. Anyway, I have an AT update for everyone! Sorry it’s a week after the most recent episode.

First, a little bit on We Fixed a Truck! I advise you don’t read this part, if you haven’t seen it.

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I personally liked it, like pretty much every episode of AT. However it definitely wasn’t a favorite. I enjoyed that Banana Man (Voice by “Weird Al”) got another appearance and just the way he acted was funny. I was expecting PB to not be a lizard person, but when it turned out she was, I burst out laughing. Especially because of the way BMO immediately figured it out. 😛 Also, looks like Ice King is still rooming with our heroes and there are actually female Banana Guards! Weird. What’s also weird is that Cinnamon Bun seems to have returned to the Candy Kingdom, after leaving to live with Flame Princess. This might’ve been an error or a different “Cinnamon Bun” though. (FYI: The snail was shown when the gang went to the Spa in the Breakfast Kingdom!) What did you think of the episode?

Female Banana Guard

Well, sadly there will not be a new Adventure Time episode this week. The next episode is supposedly going to air on November 4, 2013. It’s called Play Date. However nothing is really known about it yet. Once a preview is released, it will be posted. 😉

One more thing; we’ve seen outfits from PB & Marcy, but now it’s time for… Finn!

Even heroes need a change of clothes or fancy disguise once in a while. Finn’s dressing it up BOY-STYLE! Here are some of the outfits we’ve spotted on Finn while he’s adventuring around Ooo…

Don’t let the pudgy arms and diaper fool ya, baby Finn will puncha yo buns in a heartbeat.
(Memory Of A Memory)

Before meeting Tree Witch.
(To Cut A Woman’s Hair)

After meeting Tree Witch.
(To Cut a Woman’s Hair)

A full-length wizard cloak looks like a dress. The tuck-in is definitely the way to go!

Is it a burrito? Is it a mummy? Is it some kind of tin foil dispenser? WE DON’T EVEN CARE! HE JUST LOOKS SO CUTE.
(Burning Low)

If you have a Jake Suit, why would you wear anything else?
(The Silent King)

According to Jake, ladies love lute suits.
(Go With Me)

Just call him Prince Hotbod.
(The Creeps)

The secret to being a ninja: cover your mouth.
(The Chamber of Frozen Blades)

How can you make bedtime more exciting in the Land of Ooo? Put on a blindfold so you can’t see where you’re going!
(Mystery Train)

I don’t really have a favorite out of these particular outfits, but the Jake Suit is kinda awesome. Same with Finn’s pj’s.

I guess that’s it! Hope you had a great weekend. 🙂


Got a Passion for Pink?

Ooo’s Candy Princesses can’t be seen adventuring in the same old duds day in, day out. What if there’s a party to go to? Or some science to do? Check out some of the outfits we’ve spotted Princess Bubblegum wearing!


Perfect for the back-to-school look! (You know, if Ooo princesses went to school.)
(Susan Strong)


Safety first!
(Too Young)


Bubblegum is looking a little chewed up. Somebody find a zombie cure quick!
(From Bad To Worse)


Dude, EVERYONE in Ooo knows that the must-have winter accessory is a Christmas sweater.
(Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2)


This outfit might be creepy, BUT it can help prevent catching Freezer-Burn Flu from the Ice King. So we’re giving it points for practicality.
(What Have You Done?)


WHAT… IS… THIS? We don’t care. It’s awesome.
(The Real You)


Knee-high socks, knee-length hair, and a crown and you’re ready to barbeque!
(The Real You)


PB, the monster look is SO last season.
(Mortal Recoil)


(The Duke)


Is it a cool dress? Is it some kind of purple pumpkin? Nobody knows!
(Wizard Battle)


Perfect hair is just one Princess Plant away.
(Death In Bloom)


(Susan Strong)


It’s all about matching your outfit to the occasion! Going to eat Royal Tarts? WEAR STRAWBERRIES ON YOUR CLOTHES.
(The Other Tarts)


Wearing white to a Mallow Tea Ceremony? Now that’s brave.
(Trouble In Lumpy Space)


This white ballgown is perfect for any Ooo Royal! (Except maybe Ice King. We do NOT want to see Ice King wearing this.)
(Video Makers)


Even a princess needs to chill once in a while. This hoodie and jeans outfit is perfect for a movie night.
(Video Makers)


Masks! Useful for a) Halloween costumes b) looking a bit like a swan, c) a murder mystery.
(The Creeps)


This is the 2nd blue gown and we actually think this is even better than the first!
(Go With Me)


Even at night time her Royal Fashionableness doesn’t take a break – she’s got the coolest nightdress in town.


Pink hair. Pink dress. Pink cardigan. Pink leggings. Pink boots. Pink is really her color.
(What Was Missing)


A thick parka and comfy boots, never visit the Ice Kingdom without them. OR just never visit the Ice Kingdom.
(Lady & Peebles)

Looks like Cartoon Network is getting into there fashion season. First Marceline, now PB! I’m personally not a fan of pink, but I still think PB is totally awesome. There were A LOT of Princess B. outfits this time. I wish CN would’ve showed more Marcy clothes. However I’m not huge on fashion, so whatever. 😛

What outfit’s your favorite? I have to say my favorites are from What Was Missing, Video Makers, and both from The Real You. 🙂