You probably already heard about this too, but just in case, here it goes. Recent Daily Pops suggest that a “Poptropi-con” is coming to Poptropica. That is, a Poptorpica themed comic-con. 😉 (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

popcon1 popcon2 popcon3 popcon4 popcon5 popcon6 popcon7 popcon8 popcon9


Notice in the first picture, the Poptropicans seem to be in costume (even on the sign), which is called cosplay and often done at conventions. In the second picture, more costumes are shown. In the third, a large bridge can be seen in the background, which leads me to believe it is in California, where most big comic-cons are held. The forth picture illustrates a man riding a cab-bike, which are often found in big cities. The fifth and sixth sneak peeks show more cos-play at work (which, btw, look awesome). In the seventh picture, 3 signs can be seen. “CC,” “CON,” and “CO.” Get it? Comic-Con? Finally, in the last two photos there are even more costumes (such swag).

What do you guys think? If we’re right, this should be an amazing island! Heck, this would be amazing in real life too! 😀


P.S. This post is more of an update. FruitBat7777 already posted about his theory on this island here.