The Winner… is not here yet

Grrr! Creators! They just love to push us to the edge, don’t they? They were just about to tell us the Creator Your Own Dream Island Contest Winner, but then-UGH! See for yourself:

We’ve decided.

After much deliberation, debate, and soul-searching, we’ve picked a winner for the Create Your Dream Island contest. We received so many amazing entries, but one stood a little higher than the rest. One lucky Poptropican wowed us with their creativity and will have their Island idea produced this year.

And the winner is…

Whoops! Can’t tell you just yet. We will be revealing the runners-up and the grand prize winner within the next few weeks. Watch this space!

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See??? Looks like we will know soon, but not just yet. -_-

Well, if you entered, good luck! 😉


Top 50 Islands

Guess what??? No, this is not a post about my top 50 favorite islands. There aren’t even 50 islands in Poptropica! No my friends, this is something way more exciting…

The Top 50 Create Your Own Dream Islands! 😀

Sadly, the Creators don’t say who is in the top 50. All I know is that the entree visible in the picture is no mine. 😦

Wouldn’t it be cool if I actually won? Sure, it’s a 1 in 1 thousand chance, but there is still a possibility! Anyway, did any of you guys enter? If you did, good luck! 😉