LSP’s Fashion Review

Hey you guys, Lumpy Space Princess here. It’s obvi that I know fashion better than like, pretty much everybody else in the world. I’m always looking around and all like, “What the stuff are you people even wearing?” cause everyone else looks so lame. So here’s who looks “totally hot” and and who looked “totally not” on the red carpet this year.
Gumball is looking kinda hot in this lacy dress, but also like, kinda ugly. Ditch that crown, G-Ball. Everyone knows crowns are so last year. I mean, I don’t even wear a crown and I’m a princess.
Grade C
Ugh, not so hot now, are you? This shapeless slip of a gown is NOT doing any favors for you, FP.
Grade F
More like Giant Realistic Flying Nightmare! Lose the stripes. Animal prints are so tacky!
Grade F minus MINUS MINUS
Oh my glob, is that my star on Steven’s shirt? He doesn’t even wear it as well as I do. Though my style is killer, he should have asked before he totes stole it.
Grade B-
What the lump is Finn even wearing here? Lame alert! Those luscious lips can only get you so far, babe.
Grade D
Teen Titans GO! Starfire
What’s with the new costume, Starfire? ARE YOU HIDING SECRETS FROM ME?! Spill it, girl!
Grade C+
This tuxedo is super glam. Too bad it doesn’t cover up Muscle Man’s ugly face.
Grade F
Regular Show - Blondecai
I’m loving those golden locks but, ugh, a turtleneck? More like turtle NEXT, PLEASE!
Grade D
Uncle Grandpa - Gus
Gross called. It wants its grossness back.
Grade F
Newsflash, Amethyst: purple is my color. So you better back off. You don’t wanna mess with these lumps.
Grade F
I feel pretty bad for everyone else cause it’s like pretty impossible for anyone else to look as hot as me. I’m looking fresh to death in this red dress, and I bet Brad is like totally sorry we broke up even though I’m like way too hot for him and whatever. I mean like, if he wanted to get back together, I’d be into it. Do you think I should call him?

Who has the hottest fashion on the Red Carpet?

Admittedly, some of the characters didn’t look perfect, but LSP is being totes rude. I mean, it’s like, obvi. 😛